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60 Days to Your First Bargain Purchase


Finding good real estate deals is an art that takes time to master. Like any business, customers are what drive it. Your primary customer is the seller who is motivated to sell below market value. Finding motivated sellers requires advertising, marketing, salesmanship, and, like any business, keeping your nose to the ground. Nothing happens and […]

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Don’t Get Scammed by a Seller – Do an Inspection!

One question that seems to be commonly asked among those who are interested in real estate investment, particularly in flipping properties, is whether or not a real estate inspection is really necessary. The long and short answer to that question is absolutely and I will do my best to explain exactly why this is so. […]

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How to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

No real estate course or seminar is a substitute for a good attorney. Finding a good real estate attorney may be difficult, since most attorneys are not themselves investors or familiar with creative transactions. Most attorneys will give you just enough advice to keep them from getting sued, but not enough advice to show you […]

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7 Tips for Getting Your Offer Accepted

Let’s face it, it’s a tight market out there! In most parts of the country, the real estate market has changed over the last couple of years from a buyer’s market to a strong seller’s market. The positive side of this is; whether you are an owner occupant or a real estate investor, it’s pretty easy to sell […]

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Low Cost Real Estate Marketing

Finding deals is what real estate investing is all about.  Without a deal on the table, everything you learn is just academic.  You’ve tried looking for properties with a real estate agent, but that did not bring many prospects, simply because everyone else is doing the same thing. In order to find a great real estate […]

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Taking Risks in Your Real Estate Business

It would be a great thing in business if we never had to take risks, but it’s a part of life and a part of the business. Businesses can face risks from all sorts of factors including; new and existing competition, market changes, antiquated products and procedures, partners, accidents and more. Not everyone is willing […]

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10 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Rental or Rehab

 It’s easy to fix up your properties if you have unlimited cash. However, you need to keep your repairs to a minimum to stay profitable. You also need to keep your properties in good shape to attract tenants or buyers. It also has a lot to do with your knowledge of how rental properties work with […]

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Top 10 Ways to Get Sued- Part 2

Here it is, the official, “Top 10 Ways to Get Sued” – guaranteed! In our previous post, we covered the 1st 5 Ways to Get Sued and NOW in Part 2, we will cover 5 more ways! Here are numbers 6-10. 6. Try to Call Employees Independent Contractors.  Many employers hire employees, but call them “independent contractors”.  If […]

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Setting Goals in Real Estate Investing

I want to ask you two questions. One, do you have a Will? And two, do you have written goals for the next one, three, five and ten years? If you answered yes to the first question but no to the second, you are planning more for your death than you are while you are […]

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Moving Your Real Estate Business Forward by Learning to Say “No.”

saying no for real estate success

As entrepreneurs, we somehow always seem to have a lot going in our lives, both in business and personal. Admittedly, it can sometimes be overwhelming and can tend to overload us at times. Appointments and meaningful dates such as anniversaries and birthdays may be overlooked. Promises and commitments might be broken. All of this can […]

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