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New eCourse - How to Become a Hard Money Lender

Hard Money Lending

My HARD MONEY LENDING eCOURSE will show that you can profit in spite of the current state of the economy.

If you have cash, a line of credit, a 401k or IRA, or access to large amounts of cash, you could be making SUBSTANTIAL passive returns by lending money to other real estate investors at high rates of interest – and they’ll thank you for it!


New eCourse - Buying Properties "Subject to"


Buy Real Estate Without Qualifying or Assuming Mortgages

Financing rental properties has become more and more difficult for real estate investors.  Many give up when they've been told "no" by banks, while a few savvy investor us "OPM" - OTHER PEOPLE'S MORTGAGES!  That means, buying a property SUBJECT TO the existing mortgage loan.


New eCourse - Investing in Real Estate in Your IRA


Grow Your Retirement by Leaps and Bounds With these Strategies!

If your financial future is looking grim, it's time to do something about it.  Investing in real estate and other "non-traditional" assets in your IRA will help you reach your retirement goals faster and easier.  Learn the secrets that super wealthy people have used for decades to grow their IRAs.


Bulletproof Asset Protection - Streaming eCourse

Asset Protection

Learn How to Protect Yourself & Your Business from Lawsuits & Taxes

Our best-selling Asset Protection library is now available as a streaming eCourse with Powerpoints, manuals, audio, and legal forms.  Get instant access and save a bundle on the price!

Creative Financing

The Legalwiz Guide to Creative Real Estate Financing - Now Available as a Streaming Course!

Learn how to buy and sell properties with owner financing, “subject to”, lease/options, wraparound financing, contract for deed, and much more!


The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling - Now Available as a Streaming Course!

Learn how to wholesale properties for quick cash profits in TODAY's MARKET! Make $5 - $10k per month on a regular basis when you apply these formulas.

This self study course shows you six different ways to do a double closing that REALLY WORK!


The Ultimate Telephone Script for Talking to Motivated Sellers

Do you get tongue tied on the phone? Do you search for things to say? Do you want sellers to tell you what they REALLY want?  Nobody is born a salesman, it takes work. Instead of doing "um, uh" on the phone, you simply read right from the script when sellers call. You will convert more sellers into real deals that mean more cash in your pocket. Instead of working harder, learn to work SMARTER.


Foreclosure Disclosures!

Are you buying foreclosure properties? If so, there's plenty of pitfalls, problems and potential lawsuits looming. The media, the consumer watchdogs and the Attorneys General are "on the hunt" for bad foreclosure investors. Watch out, you could be next, unless you learn my... 20 Proven, Ironclad Foreclosure Disclosures!