Working with Contractors, Building Codes and Construction


This is not your typical “how to save a buck on your next remodel” study guide…no, you’ve never seen this before!

The Ultimate Guide to Rehabbing is all about minimizing your risk and taking control of your future rehab projects! Do you perform your due diligence when you acquire a property? Check comps, get an inspection and appraisal, insurance and taxes? Of course you do! So why do you leave the rehab to chance? Does the $30K+ rehab investment not matter to you???

FACT: The average single-family rehab deal using hard money costs the investor $2500 per month to carry the property…did you think going an extra month or two might not cost so much? The UGR will put that $5K back into your pocket where it belongs! Take the prayer out of rehabbing, and GET EDUCATED on how to take CONTROL of your projects!

Learn from a licensed General Contractor who will show you:

  • How to find, select, pay, and negotiate with contractors!
  • How to build a ROCK solid contractor agreement (form included)
  • Generating a crystal clear scope of work (form included)
  • Change orders – avoid getting dinged later (form included)
  • Punch lists to prevent your contractor from skipping before the last payment (form included)
  • Lien Waivers, the RE Investor’s BEST FRIEND! (form included)
  • What work must have a BUILDING PERMIT
  • How to work with BUILDING DEPARTMENTS
  • BUILDING CODE issues pertinent to the RE Investor
  • General Construction Knowledge that ALL rehabbers should have!
  • The new EPA Regulations on LEAD BASED PAINT!
  • How to minimize your LIABILITY on ALL REMODEL PROJECTS!


Have you ever noticed how the contractor relationship is about the only one where you, the CUSTOMER, has no leverage? Why is it that you’re at their mercy? I will EMPOWER you to TAKE CONTROL of your rehab projects, from contractor selection to learning how and when to pay them so you maintain control! Also, I have included the documents you need to ensure that you avoid claims for extra compensation by contractors, and eliminate paying twice for work because of Mechanics Liens!


Proprietary Forms Templates Included:

  • Six page, ROCK SOLID, Residential Construction Agreement
  • Scope of Work Form
  • Change Order Form
  • Punch List Form
  • Partial Lien Waiver
  • Final Lien Waiver

Learn the inside secrets from a licensed General Contractor!

Maybe you’ve attended a rehab seminar or purchased courses that covered the mundane: costing out materials; what work you can do yourself to save a few bucks; what colors to use or not use…and maybe how to ‘cut corners’… Well, put on your seatbelts, because the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO REHABBING is going to show you how to save THOUSANDS of dollars on every rehab moving forward by CONTROLLING the Contractor (NOT you being at their mercy!). I’ll show you how to find, qualify, and manage your contractors so you can reduce your stress and maximize your profits!!!


 Learn how to MINIMIZE your liability on your rehab. Did you know that you can be sued by workers who are injured on the job; sued by tenants or buyers for property damage or injuries sustained by sub-code home improvements? You can have liens placed on your property by contractors or suppliers whom you didn’t even know existed! I will show you how to eliminate these risks, and more! Not ‘Construction Savvy’? Learn basic construction terminology and what to look for when you walk a prospective property. Not up to speed on building codes? I will teach you what rehabbers NEED to know when tackling projects, including emergency egress concerns. Forms, forms, forms…and more forms. Oh, and contracts. My guess is that if you ever signed a construction agreement with a contractor, you signed their contract. Never again! I’ll show you what to include in your contracts…and the importance of written Change Orders and Punch Lists, and the rehabbers best friend: the almighty LIEN WAIVER. I have worked with literally hundreds of subcontractors, contractors, land developers, and homebuilders. As such, I have either issued or been issued thousands of construction documents in my career, and I have distilled that expertise and experience into several key construction documents every rehabber simply MUST HAVE in their arsenal!


Yes, many contractors will take advantage of you if they don’t believe that you know what you’re doing. I will teach you pertinent construction lingo so you can communicate like a pro! When you speak in their terms, you’re sending a clear message: make your margin off someone else. I will also teach you about construction issues relevant to the residential rehabber so that you know what you’re looking for when walking a prospective property.


Are you aware of the new EPA Lead Based Paint regulations? Or are you aware but clueless as to what this means to you? The EPA has stipulated VERY specific testing protocols, containment and disposal procedures, and mandated that any contractor who works on affected areas MUST be certified in lead paint work hazards. Oh, and you, as the owner, MUST give your tenants and buyers specific EPA pamphlets on lead paint, and get a signed receipt! I will break down all the pertinent guidelines so you will be fully prepared for your next rehab project done on pre-1978 housing, thus avoid being a violator and being hit with fines that can reach $37,500…per day, per incident!

“The Ultimate Guide to Rehabbing”
Working with Contractors, Building Codes and Construction

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