Live Events with William Bronchick

Bill Bronchick live speaking

May 3-5, 2024 - Dallas, TX
"Investing in Small Apartments"

Learn the ins and out of investing in small apartment buildings and complexes.

Past Events

April 15/16, 2023
Creative Real Estate Investing Boot Camp

Learn how to buy real estate without banks, without credit, and with little or no money down!
Denver, CO - Live in person!

June 24/25, 2023
Bulletproof Asset Protection Boot Camp

Learn how to protect yourself from lawsuits, liability, taxes, and other financial disasters

Denver, CO - Live in person!

October 28/29, 2023
Foreclosure Profits Two-Day Workshop

Learn how to profit seven different ways from foreclosure deals (and with the current inflationary economy, they will be coming en masse!!). Denver, CO - Live in person.

March 15/16, 2024 - ONLINE via ZOOM
"Wholesaling for Quick Cash in 2024"

Learn how to do wholesale deals in TODAY's environment - 2024 and beyond. The "dinosaur" methods are not working anymore; you need to adapt to the current market.