Foreclosure Profit$
Live Two-Day Workshop

Learn the 7 Proven Ways to Profit
During the Foreclosure Process!

Saturday/Sunday October 28/29th
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Denver Int'l Airport

Now is the Time to Seize the Opportunity that the Inflationary Economy Has Presented for Investors...

Inflation has caused many homeowners to lose income and become delinquent on their mortgages, presenting an opportunity for real estate investors to make a tidy profit!

As you may know, inflation has caused a meltdown of the economy that has put homeowners under extreme pressure to choose between gas and groceries and their mortgage payments. Rising costs of living is leading to millions of defaults. At some point, the homeowners will have to make up a substantial backlog of payments, and many won't be able to do so we will then see a rash of foreclosures like we haven't seen since 2008.

These conditions also present an opportunity for real estate investors who know how to buy homes from people in these troubled situations, helping them avoid foreclosure and also allowing investors to make a profit. Once you learn the Seven Foolproof Ways to Profit in Foreclosures, you will have the tools you need to pick up some MAJOR bargains and build a substantial retirement nest egg over the next few years!

It's MUCH Easier Than You Think...
Once You've Learned WHAT to do!

Most people don't (or can't) do foreclosure deals because they don't understand the techniques and/or they can't seem to get sellers to get on board. They think there's too much competition, but the reality is, most of the so-called "competition" doesn't know SQUAT about how to get a person in foreclosure to trust them enough to do business with them. In my Foreclosure Profits Workshop, you will learn EXACTLY what it takes to get deals done!

Don't Miss this Opportunity!

This event will only be given ONCE a year at MOST, so you cannot afford to wait. Further, the window of opportunity for finding foreclosure deals will be a short one, so don't sit on the sidelines and miss out!

Here's what you will learn from the Foreclosure Profits Workshop:

  • Learn the Foreclosure Process from Start to Finish.  Bill breaks down the process in detail so you understand how to apply different strategies to different times in the process.
  • The 7 Ways to Profit During the Foreclosure Process. There are seven distinct strategies that Bill Bronchick teaches to profit from foreclosures. Most investors know 2 or 3, at best! 
  • How to Market to People in Foreclosure.  You will learn how to get the attention of homeowner who are DELUGED from all angles and get them to respond!
  • High equity, Low Equity, No Equity - Different Strategies for Different Scenarios!  Most investors only go after properties with lots of equity, which are few and far between. You can profit even MORE when there's little or NO equity in the property!
  • How to Negotiate with Sellers in Foreclosure. This one skill is worth the entire price of admission - learn how to answer all of the tough questions and objections. You will also get a chance to practice these principles at the event!
  • How to Effectively Door-Knock People in Foreclosure. Most people try to bully their way into a seller's home and convince them to seller. This is why they often fail! There's a proper way to approach door-knocking and we'll practice it at the event!
  • The State Foreclosure Protection Laws and How to Stay out of Trouble. Most investors are unaware of Foreclosure "Rescue" laws that exist in 23 states. Failure to abide by the rules can get you sued, fined, or even IMPRISONED!
  • How to Write Up a Foreclosure Deal. You'll learn how to write up a contract for a foreclosure deal, regardless of your background and experience. 
  • What Can Go Wrong and How to Protect Yourself. Foreclosure deals can be risky of you don't know what you are doing. Learn the risks and how to protect yourself from the common pitfalls.
  • Short Sales and Discounting Liens. Learn how to negotiate with lenders and lien holders to create equity in a property that has none to start with by negotiating mortgages, IRS liens, judgments, HOA liens, and more!
  • ... And so much more!

Here's What Previous Attendees of
Bill Bronchick's Workshops Have to Say!

Randall Wall

Salt Lake City, UT

I've been going to Bill's seminars and workshops for many years because they always deliver. Awesome content and he answers the tough questions that other people tell you to "Tall to an attorney."

I love how Mr. Bronchick takes complex legal topics and breaks them down into simple and understandable concepts.

Marie Parker

Ft. Myers, FL

Joe Sugg

Colorado Springs, CO

There's no better instructor out there than Bill Bronchick. He's sharp, witty, and has answers to all your questions. He's hard to "stump"!

Bill Bronchick's workshop got me started in real estate investing and how I'm full-time and financially-free thanks to his advice!

Sheena Blankenagel

St. Georges, UT

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“Foreclosure Profits Workshop”

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Foreclosure Deals

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    12 Sessions - Video Recorded. Get ready for the "firehouse" of information. No fluff or vaguery - just solid "meat and potatoes" instruction. You'll get a copy of the video recording as well!
  • 2
    Powerpoint. Download a copy of the PowerPoint slides from the entire weekend.
  • 3
    Foreclosure Protection Act Guide. Included with your purchase is a state by state guide to foreclosure protection acts - learn the rules of your state or ELSE! 

Tuition for this two-day event is a paltry $497.00. That's less than my hourly rate as an attorney.
It's also about 1/50th of the profits you can make on ONE foreclosure deal!

Get in Now! Seating is Limited to Just
35 People and WILL Sell Out Early!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't absolutely LOVE this workshop, we'll refund your tuition price within 5 days of the even. No questions asked!

My mom always said to me, "You can make money or you can make excuses... but you can't do both!”

Amen, Mom!

Your partner in success,


Where is the Venue of the Event?

Crowne Plaza Hotel Denver International Airport
15500 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO 80239

Are Hotel Rooms Reserved?

We do not have a block of rooms reserved. The average hotel rate for the Crowne Plaza for weekends is $120/night

What Times Does the Event Run?

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sat/Sat Oct 28/29
Break for Lunch around 12:15 PM both days

Will the Event Be Streamed?

It will be professionally recorded, but not streamed. If you cannot attend, you can register and receive the recording and Powerpoints approx 30 days after the event.

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