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Condo Insurance Quick Tip

Keep in mind that your insurance on a condo that is pulled through the HOA dues does NOT cover your interior or liability.  So, for example, if your hot water heater breaks and leaks into the neighbor, your HOA insurance will NOT cover it!  You need a separate policy to cover the interior and for […]

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Real Estate is a Team Sport!

 Real Estate is a Team Sport! Most people are content with waking up at 7:00 in the morning, slaving away at work, getting home at 7:00 at night, watching a few hours of TV, going to sleep, and doing the whole thing over again the next day. It’s pretty depressing when you think about it! […]

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Zero in on motivated sellers

When investing in real estate, you want to focus your efforts on motivated sellers. This is true especially if you are just starting out. and dealing with motivated sellers makes the process go even faster, which means cash in your pocket sooner rather than later.   Motivated sellers are people who MUST sell their homes. […]

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Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to everyone. Let’s make 2019 a year to remember! Sincerely, William Bronchick and Team

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Marketing Your Home in the Winter

8 Tips for Marketing Your Home in the Winter So, you got a deal in late summer or you just picked up a great deal for rehab and it will be ready way before the prime selling season beginning around March of next year. Although Winter isn’t always  the best time to sell a property, […]

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The Importance of Cash Flow in Your Real Estate Business

Many businesses fail in the first few year mainly due to poor cash flow management. According to a recent survey, the number-one thing small business owners say they wish they’d have done differently was to have more startup money. Even experienced companies file bankruptcy, not because they don’t have a good business model but because they […]

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Buying a Vacation Home Overseas

With the economy getting into a stronger position many more Americans are considering putting some of their hard-earned cash into buying a vacation home overseas. If you dream of owning a sunny villa in Italy, a cottage in Scotland or maybe a beachside apartment in the Caribbean, here are five essential tips to consider when […]

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7 Simple Steps to Real Estate Investing


Whether you are BRAND NEW to real estate investing or an expert in the game, it is critical that you understand these 7 Simple Steps to real estate investing. First things First Real Estate is NOT a get rich quick scheme. However, if you learn the foundations and put them into practice, you will make […]

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How to Create a Real Estate Business Plan

Any major endeavor worth doing right requires some sort of organized plan. Starting a business and getting it off on the right foot is no different. It’s amazing to me that most folks that are starting a business spend more time planning a 1-week vacation that they do laying out the steps of a business […]

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You are invited – to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

William Bronchick

You are invited – to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Lots of great videos on real estate investing and business in general! It’s a great way to increase your knowledge about real estate for this upcoming year!

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