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What are Your Financial Resources for Real Estate Investing?

When you attended your first real estate event, it was probably expressed to you that you don’t need a ton of money to begin investing; and that is true. However, having even a bit of money can help speed up the process quite a bit. It is also true that properties can be bought with […]

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Staging for Optimal Effect

Recently, “staging” has become a buzzword among Realtors and real estate investors alike. There are many theories on how to most effectively stage a home, and an Internet search will turn up a slew of articles on the subject, each offering their own perspective on the matter. Unfortunately, there are significant differences between staging an owner-occupied home and […]

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Owner Financing Real Estate for Colorado and Other States

There are many benefits for doing an owner-carry installment sale as opposed to conventional financing for both the buyer and seller. Sometimes the advantages inure to the benefit of one or the other, but in most cases, the transaction is “Win/Win” for both parties. All of these techniques work in my home state of Colorado, […]

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The Importance of Cash Flow in Business

Many businesses fail in the first few year mainly due to poor cash flow management. According to a recent survey, the number-one thing small business owners say they wish they’d have done differently was have more start up money. Even experienced companies file bankruptcy, not because they don’t have a good business model but because they […]

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Using the B+ Principle to Achieve Business Success

B+ Principle

There are valid times in life when a situation may call for striving for and attaining perfection. A good example of “good” perfectionism might be if you are competing in a pistol shooting contest. The shooter that gets the most shots into the “perfect” area of the bull’s eye wins. However, business and life in […]

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Finishing Basements

While finished basements can add value, the amount of value is less than it is for above-ground living areas. In addition, this greatly varies depending on different regions of the country. In humid areas, below-ground living space isn’t as valuable to homeowners as in dryer areas of the country. Thus, the American National Standards Institute […]

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The Art and Science of Evaluating a Property Value

To evaluate a property, some people look at appraisals, others look at the tax assessor’s value, and others say that a house is worth what someone will pay for it. Further confusing the issue, we can look at the income the property generates or the insurance replacement value. In some cases, the land is worth […]

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Fix and Flip 101


If you have considered fixing up a property with the intent to sell instead of holding it as a rental, then here are some tips to make a nice profit on the properties you are considering investing in, fixing up and reselling. There are two sides to this equation, the buying side and the selling side. […]

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Working Smarter Not Harder!

As a new investor, you may feel that you are working hard. You may, in fact, be spending a lot of time working  With all this hard work you would expect some great results in the form of deals, right? You are asking yourself, “Why isn’t my business moving ahead a lot better?” or “How […]

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10 Tips on Decision Making in Your Real Estate Business

In the real estate investor’s world, and especially in the tight real estate markets that many of us are currently experiencing, it’s critical to be able to make quick, yet solid decisions. Some seem to have this gift and some don’t. If you don’t have this ability, unfortunately you may tend to lose out on deals as others […]

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