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Dispelling myths of real estate investing

Are high-profit real estate deals only for the wealthy? Is it possible to buy with no money down? Do you really have to know the “right” people? Let’s answer by looking at some of the myths of real estate. 1. The good real estate deals are reserved for the wealthy. Of course money helps, but […]

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Podcast Episode #2: 7 Ways to Buy Foreclosure Properties

the Legalwiz Podcast

Attorney William Bronchick discusses a variety of little-known ways to profit from the complicated foreclosure process.

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investing in foreclosures

Investing In Foreclosures Foreclosure investing is extremely different than what most people envision it to be. The easy lifestyle proposed in TV infomercials or magazine ads is, for many, just a dream. These get-rich-quick commercial spots sell better than the truth; hard work and a lot of time and money invested. Let’s take a brief […]

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Beginning in Real Estate Investing by William Bronchick

You have probably read all the information on the market as it relates to real estate investing and are well aware that many of the world’s millionaires made their fortunes in the real estate market. As a result I’m sure that you feel ready to throw your hat into the ring and begin your own […]

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