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A Few Tips for Flipping Properties

I am often asked by investors that look at the complications and all of the steps it takes to fix and flip a house; what I would consider the most important items one should take into considerations when rehabbing a property. I have boiled it down to just 5 critical items: 1. Money is made when […]

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7 Ways of Flipping Property

“Flipping Property” simply means buying a property and reselling it quickly, as opposed to holding on to a property long term as a rental. Flipping properties comes in several varieties, most of which are legal and profitable, some of which are not. Flipping Property Strategy #1: Buy, Fix and Flip Let’s start with the most […]

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Wholesaling Houses 101

So, you’ve decided to get your feet wet in real estate investing by becoming a wholesaler.  Wholesaling is a good way to start because you can generate cash quickly with very little risk or money up front.  You can use the cash you generate from wholesaling to pay bills, save up for down payments for […]

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