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It's a Buyer's Market… Why Aren't You Buying?

People move like SHEEP when it comes to investing; they follow the pack like “SHEOPLE”.  When the market is hot, they follow people in.  When the market is soft, they follow people out.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly why 95% of Americans retire broke, and 5% of Americans retire wealthy.  Ask the wealthy how they got that way […]

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"The Sky is Falling", Says Chicken Little

So the sky is falling, is it?  This is the first time we’ve seen nominal prices fall in some 40 years, says the experts.  Well, not really… prices rise and fall in different parts of the Country, just not as a whole, lumped together.  It’s much worse in some parts, better in others. WHO CARES?? Real […]

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The Interest Rate Factor

So many people are still it out, waiting for the “bottom” before buying.  Big mistake.  The bottom is impossible to predict, and usually by the time the media reports the comeback, it’s about a year too late. Certainly things may decline in a particular market, even yours.  But, financing at today’s low interest rates gives you […]

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Tax Liens; Real Estate Scheme, Get Rich Quick or the Real Deal?

We’ve all seen the nightly advertised promos for those get-rich-quick real estate tutorials that keep us glued to our TV sets. A million dollar business that explains how to purchase tax liens and work part-time earning up to $7,000 per month and keeping us on pins and needles with hopes of emulating the same success. […]

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