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Real Estate Rentals – Selling For More by William Bronchick

Selling real estate rentals isn’t like selling houses. You can paint a house, and get a little more because it looks nice. Rental properties, especially larger ones, are different, because they’re bought by investors, who look at income more than new paint. Raise the income, and you increase value to investors. Time to learn about […]

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Setting Goals in Real Estate Investing

I want to ask you two questions. One, do you have a Will? And two, do you have written goals for the next one, three, five and ten years? If you answered yes to the first question but no to the second, you are planning more for your death than you are while you are […]

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Taxes on Subject to Deal

Taxes on subject to dealscan be a bit complicated.  For example, you buy a property “subject to” an existing loan. You sell the property on an installment land contract or lease/option. What are the tax ramifications? Part One – Determining Your Basis Your tax basis is basically what you paid for a property. If you have a […]

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Real Estate Issues in Divorce

Divorce is more than just an emotional and financial battle.  Real estate issues divorce brings up can be quite tricky.  The general rule in most states is that property acquired by the couple after they are married is the property of both.  In some states, it is called “equitable distribution”, while in other states it […]

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Podcast Episode #1: Creative Financing for Buying Real Estate

the Legalwiz Podcast

Creative Financing can make or break a real estate deal! You hear it all the time, but how does it work? Give us a listen…

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Evaluating Rental Properties

Real Estate investing can prove to be a very good business as long as you make the right decisions and put your money in the right places. One of the major decisions you will have to make when dealing with a fixer upper is what to do with a particular property once you have purchased […]

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Buy Real Estate With No Money Down

There are are at least 10 ways to buy a home, even if you have little or no money to put down. Here are a few of the basics: 1. Sweat Equity Sweat Equity is a way to get a home by trading work for equity in the house. This could be used for a down payment or […]

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Basics of Owner Financing

Let’s discuss how the basics of owner financing, which is different depending on whether the seller has existing financing on the property. Property Owned Free and Clear Let’s begin the discussion with a simple explanation of owner financing with a property that is owned free and clear of any mortgage liens, that is, there is no debt […]

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Using a Living Trust for Real Estate

using living trust for real estate

Many people set up and are using a living trust for real estate for estate planning purposes, primarily to avoid probate and save some estate taxes.  However, most estate planning attorneys are not real estate savvy, and they recommend an awful strategy – title all your real estate in the name of your living trust! Think […]

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