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From Contract through Closing – "ATM"

Once you have your property under contract, you can proceed towards closing.  Three things need to happen before you can close. First, the buyer’s lender must produce the funds. Second, your mortgage, or any other lien on the title, needs to be paid off. Third, once the title is clear, you can take the final step […]

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60 Days to Your First Bargain Purchase


Finding good real estate deals is an art that takes time to master. Like any business, customers are what drive it. Your primary customer is the seller who is motivated to sell below market value. Finding motivated sellers requires advertising, marketing, salesmanship, and, like any business, keeping your nose to the ground. Nothing happens and […]

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How to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

No real estate course or seminar is a substitute for a good attorney. Finding a good real estate attorney may be difficult, since most attorneys are not themselves investors or familiar with creative transactions. Most attorneys will give you just enough advice to keep them from getting sued, but not enough advice to show you […]

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What Investing Strategies Should I Employ as a Real Estate Investor? Here are 7 Considerations.

As an experienced real estate investor, from time to time you have to give some thought and effort as to what types of investing strategies you will likely employ in your investing business in order to be most successful. As a beginning investor, you may not yet have developed a “feel” for what types of […]

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Are You a Victim of Procrastination in Your Personal and Business Life?

Let’s face it. Even the most ambitious of us sometimes faces the procrastination “demon” from time to time. Call it “Spring Fever”, “Summer Malaise”, The Winter Doldrums” or any other name- it’s all the same.  For most of us, it’s a temporary state and sometimes indicates that we need to slow down a bit and get […]

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Podcast Episode #42: Investing as Silent Partner in a Real Estate Venture

Thinking about being a silent partner in a real estate deal? Attorney and Master real estate investor William Bronchick will talk about pitfalls and how to best structure a deal for all parties concerned. Free Real Estate Crash Course!Join free membership on Legalwiz.com and get instant access to our Real Estate Investing Crash Course, a $297.00 […]

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7 Tips for Getting Your Offer Accepted

Let’s face it, it’s a tight market out there! In most parts of the country, the real estate market has changed over the last couple of years from a buyer’s market to a strong seller’s market. The positive side of this is; whether you are an owner occupant or a real estate investor, it’s pretty easy to sell […]

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Moving Your Real Estate Business Forward by Learning to Say “No.”

saying no for real estate success

As entrepreneurs, we somehow always seem to have a lot going in our lives, both in business and personal. Admittedly, it can sometimes be overwhelming and can tend to overload us at times. Appointments and meaningful dates such as anniversaries and birthdays may be overlooked. Promises and commitments might be broken. All of this can […]

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Finding a Contractor via Referrals

Getting a solid referral is the most obvious and easiest way to find contractors. In your search for a good contractor, start by trying to secure referrals from investors and friends. You want somebody you know and trust who has had a positive experience with a particular contractor. That in itself is worth a lot! […]

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7 Things that Landlords Would like their Tenants to Know

Lease Options

As landlords, we deal with our renters day in and day out. Some are easier to deal with than others and admittedly some of us are better communicators that other investment property owners. I wrote this article, not just for tenants but for those of you that own rental properties. This article is really pointed […]

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