Scripted Questions To Ask A Seller

From: William Bronchick
Re: Negotiating with Motivated Sellers

If you ever had a situation where you didn’t know what to say to a seller on the phone, then read on…

Do you get tongue tied on the phone? Do you search for things to say? Do you want sellers to tell you what they REALLY want?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are completely normal. Nobody is born a salesman, it takes work. It takes years and thousands of phone calls to REALLY get good at talking to sellers. Of course, I expect you are one of those people who doesn’t like to WAIT. Join the club, that was me, too.

Instead of doing “um,uh” on the phone, I simply read right from the script when seller calls. Amazingly, they never have a clue that you are reading from the script (that’s the beauty of it – the questions sound totally natural). You will convert more sellers into deals, real deals that will make you cash, equity and cash flow. Instead of working harder, you will learn to work SMARTER.

Look, you spent thousands of dollars in mailers and bandit signs to get the phone to ring – why waste your money if you can’t have a good conversation where the seller tells you exactly what his real story is?  No, not the B.S. story about what he wants for the property, I mean the REAL truth about what he’s trying to accomplish by selling the house and what he REALLY wants to happen after the closing.  You can’t really make an intelligent offer without know the seller’s problem, can you?

The Script with flush out his motivation and get him to tell you exactly what the problem is so you can solve it.  That’s why the script is so invaluable.

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