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Buying Subject to


“The Legalwiz Guide to Buying Properties Subject To”

In this eCourse You Will Discover…

Find Sub2 Deals

You will learn dozens of ways to find great deals in your market without dealing with the MLS or brokers, and even if your market is limited on great deals.

Negotiate Deals

You will learn how to negotiate sub2 deals with sellers, and handle all their toughest objections.

Put Together all the Paperwork

You will get all the forms, disclosures, and contracts you need to do a successful sub2 deal!

buying real estate subject to

Financing rental properties have become more and more difficult for real estate investors. Many give up when they’ve been told, “no” by banks, while a few savvy investor us “OPM” – OTHER PEOPLE’S MORTGAGES! That means, buying a property SUBJECT TO the existing mortgage loan.

How does that work? Watch the short video below…

Are You Ready for a BRAND NEW Strategy to Acquire More Properties?

Think you need to qualify for financing? Think again! Are you tired of buying properties the conventional way, qualifying for loans and putting down 20% or more as down payments? Do you want to buy more rentals or other income properties without having to step foot into a bank or mortgage company and with little or no money out of pocket? If so, you want to learn the lucrative buying “subject to” strategy for buying houses.

Learn My Proven System and Build a
Prosperous Retirement QUICKLY!

Most novice investors buy one or two properties a year because of the down payment and credit requirements of the big lenders. Savvy investors pick up a property EVERY MONTH by buying subject to the existing loan, helping out a seller who JUST WANTS OUT of his property. That’s right, there are many homeowners who are facing foreclosure, behind in payments or just can’t afford to make the payments on their houses anymore. They are ready to away and let the bank foreclosure, ruining their credit for years – until you come along, take over the payments, take over the property and save them from a bad foreclosure, while at the same time, acquiring a house with little or no money that you can rent out for positive cash flow!

The real estate market is rising in many places, and it’s a sellers’ market. That means finding deals are harder, which means you have to learn how to think, “Outside the box” to pick up good bargains. But, anything you buy on the way up will reap you big rewards in the long run.

Just think…at today’s bargain prices (which may not last long), just one or two GOOD DEALS can fund your kids’ college at the finest university! Instead of student loans, imagine sending your kids to school anywhere in the country, and price is no object! This would take a load of stress off you, wouldn’t it?

Those who get in NOW will prosper. Those who don’t will lose out on this great opportunity! It may not come again for 10 years, and you will be kicking yourself if you have kids that are 8 years or older! Don’t wait, my friend, because this opportunity won’t last for long!

The Right Experience Will Make You Money

Amateur investors lose money and get lousy deals because they simply don’t know how to put together these types of deals. Amateur investors who don’t learn how to play the game get fewer deals closed, smaller checks, and eventually they give up. Most real estate brokers don’t even bother trying, simply because they, too, don’t know what to do!

As you read this, you obviously can see the huge opportunity for making a KILLING over the next year in your market. This is truly a “ground floor” opportunity to learn a skill that will put tens of thousands of dollars into your pocket every single month with little or no risk. You have nothing to lose, except the opportunity to make a bundle, but first, you have to learn how the buying subject to system works!

This is why an investment in proper training is worth its weight in 24 CARAT GOLD. Just one good deal could put $10,000 or MORE into your pocket.

What Makes this Program So Different?

Ok, fair question. First, I am actually DOING real estate investing, and have thousands of transactions under my belt. Most of the so-called “experts” have done few deals or haven’t done a deal in recent history, so their advice is outdated or ineffective.

Second, this is a Real “Meat and Potatoes” program. This is not a “teaser”, but real, solid, practical information. There’s no “B.S.” (“bait and switch” or “big sales pitch”). You will learn the specific mechanics of buying “subject to” existing mortgages You will get a detailed workbook explaining all of the legal and tax angles. You will learn how to negotiate and engineer the deals. The forms alone would cost you $1,000 or more if prepared by an attorney (assuming you could even find one knowledgeable enough to understand these concepts!).

 Understanding the mechanics of subject to deals You will learn all of the legal lingo and practical “ins and outs” of the deal

 How to profit from foreclosures, even if there is no equity in the deal! People are overlooking one of the best source of deals for owner-financing: over-financed properties, that is, more is owed than the house is worth! You will learn how to spot profitable deals that everyone else overlooked and make “lemons” into lemonade!

 How to buy a new, big, beautiful home in the next 60 days with no money down!

 Tested ways to find sub2 deals

 How to understand and draft all of the legal forms – no law degree needed!

 All of the legal angles (that every other course left out) you need to understand about sub2 deals

 How to prevent a seller from coming back later to try to “kill” your deal – how to document everything to the “t”.

 How to protect yourself when buying sub2 deals – Bill reveals his “tricks of the trade.” Every seminar guru tells you the good news, but what about the risks? What do you do if a buyer stops paying? What if the seller renegs on a deal? You’ll learn all of the potential things that can go wrong and how to protect yourself from these disasters!

 Understanding the tax implications of subject to deal financing. Who gets to deduct what? What forms to file with the IRS? How do your report income? All of your questions answered in a simple, understandable format.

 How to negotiate sub2 deals. You’ll learn unique tips and tricks of the trade, including “role-playing” scenarios with sellers and buyers. You’ll know exactly what to say to overcome every objection!

And, much, more!

Don’t Pay Thousands for Inferior Information

With that in mind, here’s what you get with my program

 Course manual detailing all of the steps of subject-to deals

 Four detailed videos explaining the process, step-by-step

 All the legal forms and disclosures you need to document (and cover your backside)!

All of this available for self-study in the privacy of your home or car for only $397.00!!!

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