From: William Bronchick, ESQ.
Re: How to Protect Yourself from the Litigation Explosion

Dear Entrepreneur and Potential Multi–millionaire,


Lawsuits, unfounded claims, litigation, taxes, and other financial disasters can come when you least expect them. It’s sad but true… when you build wealth and get rich, you become a target of lawyers, the IRS and everyone that has less than you. It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep! But how do you keep it in today’s lawsuit–crazy world?

Hello, I am William Bronchick, an attorney who has dedicated his life to helping Americans preserve and grow their wealth. You have probably heard of me or seen me on television shows like CNBC Power Lunch. You may have seen my name mentioned as an expert in prestigious publications like Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily or CNN Money Online. I have personally trained thousands of people all over the country to become financially successful. More importantly, I have helped them protect and keep what they have earned. You will learn my best–kept secrets and strategies for creating, building and protecting your wealth, when you order my “Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study Package.”

Is the IRS the #1 Beneficiary of Your Estate?

Are you a millionaire or planning on becoming one? If so, you are working three times harder than you have to. Think about it – you pay more than 33% of what you earn in income taxes. I know that aggravates you, because it aggravates me. But, I have a solution (and it is not off–shore bank account). Order the Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study package and learn how to get the government’s sticky fingers out of your wallet!

Like many entrepreneurs and professionals, you are going to work hard so you can amass a fortune for you and your family. You are also going to plan carefully so that your family can achieve financial freedom. Then, when you pass on, the government will take up to half of what’s left in estate taxes. Think about it – the IRS is going to take another half of the same money you already paid almost 40% taxes on! It’s like a grave robber opening up your coffin and stealing half of your money from your family. When you add 40% (federal and state income taxes) and then another half (estate taxes), you could lose up to 70% of everything you have worked for!

If you have been duped into thinking estate taxes were removed by Congress, think again! We have the highest taxes in the world! If you are upset about this, you should be! When you order the Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study package, you will learn how to avoid this atrocity.

Your Odds of Being Sued Are GREATER Than EVER!

Lawsuits are an everyday threat to your financial well–being. Imagine a thug sticking a .357 magnum up to your throat and demanding you turn over your wallet, credit cards, jewelry, and keys to your luxury car. How do you feel? Scared out of your mind? Vulnerable? Violated? You will feel exactly the same way (and maybe worse) when you are hit by a lawsuit and you know you haven’t done anything wrong! I will teach you the skills you need protect yourself from being a target for the “bloodsuckers” and “ambulance chasers.” With impenetrable walls of protection around you, lawyers and greedy plaintiffs won’t be able to touch you or your assets!

Are you a landlord now or do you have plans to own real estate in the future? If you’re ever sued, realize juries are made up mostly of tenants. They are jealous that they don’t own a house and you have several! The way jury members see it, when a landlord has been sued, it’s pay–back time! This is their chance to get even with every landlord whoever hit them with a late rent charge or made them get rid of that pet. And, consider this… most judges earn less than you. How sympathetic could they possibly be? What do think the chances are of getting a fair trial? You might as well just hand over your checkbook and the title to one of your houses – unless you know my protection strategies!

WATCH OUT – The Lawyers Have Their Targets on Real Estate Investors!

The National Consumer Law Center recently published a report called “Dreams Foreclosed – The Rampant Theft of Americans’ Homes Through Equity–Stripping Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Scams”. It is a one–sided, wildly exaggerated attack on foreclosure investors that was funded by a left–wing “Consumer Protection” organization. These are the same type of lawyers who sue McDonald’s for making people fat and sue the tobacco companies for causing cancer. Guess what? There are lawyers all over the Country with the same “consumer protection” delusion who are going after real estate investors, and you do NOT one to be one of them! I will teach you how to protect yourself from these opportunists!

Lawsuit Protection is So Important, It Has Become “Mainstream”

Newsweek Magazine reports, “The average amounts paid to plaintiffs in personal–injury cases has risen dramatically since 1995.” The Wall Street Journal reports, “Something as simple as paying a college kid to clean your gutters or giving youngsters a few bucks to shovel the driveway could lead to a serious lawsuit.” Forbes Magazine reports, “with trial lawyers running riot, insurance may not be enough.” These mainstream publications are warning people about the high risk of losing assets by lawsuits and how important it is to protect yourself.

I will show you the best ways to stay out of court. You won’t even know what a court looks like! In the rare event that some misguided person does sue you, I’ll put the odds solidly in your favor. Plan and prepare NOW so you can count on winning any battles, or avoid them completely.

Look at the Amazing Amount of Information You Get From
the “Bulletproof Asset Protection” Home Study Package

Asset Protection Full

This one–of–a–kind library contains four volumes of solid, yet easy–to–read information you won’t find anywhere else. Everything is laid out in a simple, step–by–step format. Plus, you get audio files and legal forms.

This 130–page manual and 8 audio course is loaded with great, practical information for protecting and preserving your assets from lawsuits, liability and financial disaster. Tons of practical advice for setting up your business and real estate holdings for maximum lawsuit protection and minimum tax liability. Learn why offshore trusts may be better than they sound, why living trusts won’t protect your assets and how to avoid common liability issues. Case studies, sample forms and a resource directory are included.

VOLUME TWO: HOW TO CREATE A “BULLETPROOF” CORPORATION. This volume will show you STEP–BY–STEP how to form and maintain a corporation in any state. Contains detailed explanations of keeping corporate minutes, maintaining formalities and a “bulletproof” paper trail for loans, expenses, distributions, and contributions. Covers when (and when not) to use NV & DE corporations. This course will save you THOUSANDS in taxes and attorney fees and will give you dozens of practical tips for running your corporation. Complete with state–specific legal forms.

This one–of–a–kind course will show you STEP–BY–STEP how to form and use land trusts to keep your ownership of property, mortgages & options private and free from public intrusion. Learn the secrets of protection title from liens, assuming “non–assumable” loans, avoiding probate of property and much more! Also covers “personal property” trusts for keeping notes, cars, boats, bank accounts and other property secrets. Four Audios recorded from a live seminar. Contains references to the laws of all 50 states (sorry, not valid in TN & LA).

This volumr will show you STEP–BY–STEP how to form and maintain a limited liability company or family limited partnership to protect and legally “judgment–proof” your assets. Contains detailed explanations of keeping records, maintaining formalities and the latest tax and liability issues concerning LLCS. This course will save you THOUSANDS in attorney’s fees and give you dozens of practical tips for starting and running an LLC or family limited partnership. **NEW - Includes discussion of LLCs filing as and S corporation. Comes complete with state–specific forms. 

Here’s a partial topic list of what you will learn from my Bulletproof Asset Protection Package, the knowledge of which you will gain of each subject can pay you back many times the cost of the package:

  • How to setup and use corporate entities to slash your taxes by thousands
  • How to use trusts for asset protection and enjoy MASSIVE tax savings
  • How to use tax laws and legal loopholes to maximize your wealth building
  • How to avoid real estate “dealer” status… falling into this trap can cost you thousands in IRS penalties
  • How to create tax–free medical and dental plans and save thousands each year
  • How to hire family members and enjoy lucrative tax deductions
  • How to save hundreds of thousand dollars in estate taxes (you earned it, why give it away to the government?)
  • How to create “Fort Knox” protection for all your assets
  • How to save thousands of dollars with aggressive tax strategies backed up by a “bullet–proof” paper trail
  • How to get rich and stay rich, but appear “broke” to most people • How to protect yourself from financial ruin if you’re ever divorced
  • How to protect real estate and other assets from liens and legally make yourself judgment–proof!

In addition… you’ll also be discovering:

  • How to incorporate in any state without a lawyer, saving time and money
  • How to use Nevada corporations (and when not to)
  • How to choose between “S” or “C” corporations – you will finally learn the key differences in a simple and understandable format
  • How to create a paper trail to come out on top during a lawsuit or IRS audit
  • How to avoid the “fraudulent conveyance” trap – violate this one and you could end up in jail!
  • How to legitimately deduct “non–deductible” living and vacation expenses
  • How to get more cash out of your corporation with the smallest tax bite
  • Five ways to prevent your corporation from being “pierced” in a lawsuit
  • How to create a positive and professional image for a “one–man” corporation
  • How to convert your existing business to a protected corporate entity
  • How to convert your existing "disregarded" LLC into an S-corp LLC
  • How to create and use Limited Liability Companies to legally keep your assets away from abusive creditors, an ex–spouse, or the IRS
  • How to use Family Limited Partnerships for maximum asset protection and to transfer wealth with minimum estate tax
  • How to use multiple LLCs to protect your real estate holdings without the burden of additional tax reporting
  • How to keep your name off public records when buying and selling real estate to avoid looking like a “deep pocket”
  • How to use personal property trusts to keep bank accounts, automobiles and other personal property out of your name and invisible to prying eyes
  • How to “bulletproof” your wealth and avoid getting sued in all areas of your business and personal life

Act Now and Save THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!

Lawyers who understand these concepts (and believe me, friend, there are only a few), charge their clients in the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for the kind of protection I reveal in this Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study Package. When you order now, you will invest just $1,997 (tax–deductible for most of you) to get all the strategies and techniques you need to plan and protect your financial future. But, if you act now, you can save an additional $700.00 with special package pricing.

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Asset Protection Full


“Bill Bronchick is on the ‘cutting edge’ and came up with excellent innovations that I am now implementing.”
 — A. Bredschneider, Pres, Monroe County, MI Landlords Association

“No BS! No hype! Just solid usable info. Bill is focused, thorough and concise. Also accessible, not an elitist.” 
— Steve Smullin, Investor, Chicago, Illinois

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