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As a special offer, I’d like to invite you to Premium PLUS Membership on It includes all of the benefits of Premium Membership,  PLUS, you get a whole lot more!

Bi-Monthly Live Coaching Calls

Learn new topics and ask questions about the topic, any other topic, or a deal you are working on. You will receive an email each week with the call-in instructions.  The calls are held every other Thursday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Mountain time.

Archived Library of Coaching Calls

You get access to the Call Library which contains over FIVE years of recorded calls
by topic that you can download and listen to on CD, computer, tablet or your smartphone.

Expert Real Estate Deal Review!

You can submit information about a deal you are working on and get it reviewed personally by ME. I will tell you why it's a deal, why it ISN'T a deal, and/or what additional information you'll need to determine your path forward.

Legalwiz Store Course Credits

For each payment (monthly or annually) you pay for this service, you get an equal credit towards any advanced online course in our store! Just email me when you are ready to make a purchase and we'll get you a coupon code for this credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time commitment for the program?

How much support do I get with the "deal review"?

Tell me more about the live coaching calls?

Do I get access to the Advanced Courses?

I am already a Premium Member - do I get a credit for that towards Premium Plus Membership?