Legal Forms Packages

Land Trust Forms Package (16 forms) - $97.00

This forms package contain the exact forms included with the Land Trust Course on this website. Includes land trust agreement, state-specific quit claim deeds, assignment of trust interest, personal property trust, and dozens of other forms for using land trusts in creative real estate transactions.

Limited Liability Company Forms Package (27 forms) - $97.00

This forms package contains all the documents you need to comply with laws and regulations concerning LLCs, including multiple different operating agreements (single-member, multiple member, S-corp election), various minutes, resolutions, and member buyout agreements.

Real Estate Contracts Addenda Package (4 forms) - $47.00

Contains "pro-buyer" versions of various addenda to contracts for purchasing real estate including wholesaling, seller-financing, wraparound, and subject to.  Add these addenda to your standard local real estate broker contract and voila!

Hard Money Lending Forms Package (24 forms) - $97.00

Contains a variety of notes, loan agreements, escrow agreements, loan instructions, construction escrow agreement, and 50-state mortgages and deeds of trust forms.

Wholesaling Forms Package (3 forms) - $47.00

Includes wholesaling purchase contract, memorandum of agreement, and assignment forms.  The assignment form, in particular, is worth the $47.00 alone, since it contains three pages of disclaimers and disclosures to prevent another investor/assignee from suing you for misrepresentation. The purchase contract makes clear you are an investor and may assign or market the property for resale.

Commercial Master Lease/Option Package (3 forms) - $47.00

Forms for master leasing an apartment building or other commercial property and subletting to tenants for cash flow. Includes a letter of intent template. the master lease. and an option to purchase the property.

Installment Land Contract Forms (Pro-Seller, 4 forms) - $97.00

Forms for selling a property by installment land contract to a homeowner who will live in the property. Includes land contract form, promissory note, seller financing application, and preliminary agreement to sell by land contract.

Essential Real Estate Forms Package (10 forms) - $47.00

Join Premium Membership on and receive 10 essential real estate forms, plus books and other great bonuses! One time fee of just $47.00.

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