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Installment Land Contract Form

An installment land contract (aka “contract for deed”) is an owner financing tool to buy or sell real estate.  It works similar to the sale of a car, an arrangement in which the lender holds title under an sales agreement for collateral of payment.  When the car is paid off, the title is passed to […]

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Real Estate Investing for Engineers

In reviewing my database, I’ve found that over 40% of  my mentoring clients are engineers.  This does not surprise me, because engineers often make the transition to real estate investor for a number of reasons: 1. Analytical Thinking Engineers are analytical thinkers, good with numbers, systems and analysis following a proven method.  Real estate investing (at least […]

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Which Real Estate Gurus are Scams and Which are Legit?

“Which real estate gurus are scams and which are legit?” This is a question I often get, and rather than publicly decry others, I humbly bite my tongue.  It’s a hard thing to do when you see scammers and phonies, but my mother always told me if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t […]

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Disclosure on Short Sale Flips – New!

by Attorney William Bronchick Short sale flips – the process of shorting a property then reselling it for a cash profit in a simultaneous closing – has been taking heat lately from title companies and real estate brokers. Realtor blogs are filled with drivel about how these transactions are illegal or unethical. What’s the real […]

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How to Find Motivated Sellers

by William Bronchick, ESQ When investing in real estate, you want to focus your efforts on how to find motivated sellers. This is true especially if you are just starting out. and dealing with motivated sellers makes the process go even faster, which means cash in your pocket sooner rather than later. Motivated sellers are […]

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12 Tips on Setting your Financial Goals

I bet you wrote down your goals on January 1st this year.  Is that all?  Did you re-think them this month and write it down again?  If you don’t know what your goals are, how are you going to measure whether you’ve reached them?  And, I would bet that if you didn’t write them down […]

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