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Seven Tips for Doing Due Diligence on a Potential Partner’s Deal.

By Willam Bronchick, Esq. and Frank Pulley, Success Coach, Bronchick Consulting Due Diligence. As either a beginning or seasoned real estate investor, if you are in the game long enough, you will likely be approached by other investors. These folks will be looking for partners to supply needed credit, capital, experience, contacts and more. Although you may be flattered, you …

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10 Reasons Why Lease Options Make Sense in Real Estate Investing

By William Bronchick, Esq. and Frank Pulley Bronchick Consulting Group Coaches There are literally dozens of ways to purchase a property with little or no money down. These tend to work well with real estate investors that are just starting out or the experienced investor that is reaching the limits of their available cash and/or credit. For these investors, a …

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Six Essential Items to Look for in Your Property Management Agreement

By Frank Pulley, Success Coach for Bronchick Consulting Group, LLC Whether it be your first or 10th rental, an apartment house, or commercial property; at some point in time, as your business grows, you will want to hire the services of a professional property management company. When you do, you will be signing some sort of property management agreement with …

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Will the Wholesale Process Work in My Real Estate Market?

Wholesale Properties

By William Bronchick, ESQ. Real estate attorney and wholesale expert People are constantly looking for reasons why something won’t work in real estate investing. The good news is: Wholesaling — buying low and selling high — works. Wholesaling will work in our market, your market, and every other market. However, you need to learn your market and adapt the proper …

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