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What Makes Us Different?

We've been online since 1997, helping to educate and motivate people as to the safe, ethical, and profitable way to invest in real estate. Since then, hundreds of so-called "experts" have popped up with websites, webinars, and courses to sell.  So, what makes William Bronchick so different than the "competition"?

  • Experience. Most real estate "gurus" only have a few years experience in a particular niche or haven't done a deal in 10 years or more. William Bronchick has been actively investing in residential, multifamily and commercial real estate since 1993. He has also advised thousands of clients as an attorney and closed thousands of deals as the owner of a title insurance agency and escrow company.  Mr. Bronchick has invested in eight different states in both up and down markets. He continues to be very active in real estate and thus has his finger on the pulse of the current market trends.
  • Expertise. William Bronchick is a licensed attorney with over 27 years' experience, with a practice focused mainly on real estate transactions. The vast majority of his clients are real estate investors. Most attorneys are not also investors, thus their advice is often that of a "deal killer" (ie, advising clients against any transaction that has risk). Mr. Bronchick explains the risks to his clients, but couples it with his personal experience as an investor, letting the client decide whether the risk is commensurate with the financial reward.
  • Attention to Detail. As both an attorney and investor, William Bronchick lays out the legal, tax, and details of how transactions work. Most real estate "experts" gloss over these details and advise their customers to go see an attorney.  Mr. Bronchick is known in the industry as the experts' expert, and is often highly sought after by other experts for advice.
  • Accessibility. Most people who sell real estate investing information will not share free articles and tips, much less respond to emails. Legalwiz.com has hundreds of free informative articles, videos, and podcasts you can learn from. He quickly responds to customer emails and questions about his programs (without the proverbial attorney clock running!).
  • Clear & Concise Advice. Few real estate experts can convey complicated topics in an understandable format. William Bronchick, while a high-level expert, has a knack for communicating in a way that every person can understand and follow. He is not an "elitist" like many of his competitors.
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    Generosity. William Bronchick gives generously to charities from the proceeds of his product sales on Legalwiz.com. He also offers a free course called, "Real Estate Investing Crash Course" - sign up below for free membership and receive instant access.

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