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How to Buy Bargain Properties at an Auction

So you want to invest in profitable property or simply buy a new home at a bargain price? If so, you want to consider property auctions. Properties sold at auction are often owned by mortgage lenders after repossessions, former council/housing association homes or have been empty for some time after the owner passed away. In […]

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Work a Farm Area for Your Investing

Work a FARM Area for Your Investing Real estate brokers generally have particular neighborhoods in which they work, rather than an entire city. Brokers refer to this as a “farm” area. You’d be wise to adopt a similar approach to your real estate investing business. The goal is to become an expert on one specific […]

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The Recipe for Real Estate Success… Finding Motivated Sellers

The Recipe for Real Estate Success…Finding Motivated SellersIn real estate there is a saying that you don’t make your money when you sell, you make your money when you buy. The name of the game is finding amazing deals and then keeping them for the long term or turning around and flipping for a handsome […]

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A House Is its Own Best “Comp”

A House Is its Own Best “Comp”An appraisal is a certification by a licensed professional that a house is worth a certain amount based on comparable sales. It is, however, an opinion of value based on one person’s analysis and experience. The actual “market value” is the amount a buyer is willing to pay and […]

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Be a Smart Investor… Do the Math

Should I use cash or credit? ARM loan or fixed rate? Ten percent down or twenty percent? Should I pay down debt or keep a cash reserve? These are all good questions, and here are some of the answers… Cash vs. Credit: The Concept of Leverage In order to understand real estate financing, it is important […]

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Are you “CLEAR” on What is a Good Deal?

Are you “CLEAR” on What is a Good Deal?So often beginning investors focus on real estate investing techniques that they lose sight of the important issue – is this a good deal? Learning to recognize a good deal takes research, education and, above all, experience. Here’s a good formula to determine whether a potential real […]

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7 Things that Landlords Would like their Tenants to Know

Lease Options

As landlords, we deal with our renters day in and day out. Some are easier to deal with than others and admittedly some of us are better communicators that other investment property owners. I wrote this article, not just for tenants but for those of you that own rental properties. This article is really pointed […]

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Should You Do Real Estate Full-Time?

Going Full Time in Real Estate Investing

Should You Do Real Estate Full–Time? Many self–acclaimed real estate gurus state that everyone should quit their jobs and immediately jump into full-time real estate investing. They often claim incredible results from students with little experience. We would like to caution that life-changing decisions are not usually simple and that full time investing is not […]

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Six Essential Items to Look for in Your Property Management Agreement

Whether it be your first or 10th rental, an apartment house, or commercial property; at some point in time, as your business grows, you will want to hire the services of a professional property management company. When you do, you will be signing some sort of property management agreement with the management company outlining a […]

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How to Choose a Property Manager

So you’ve decided that you will hire a property manager. You have weighed the upside and the downside of doing so and have decided that it is in the best interest of your business to forge ahead.  In business, we have to make a lot of choices, some small and some big. Hiring a property […]

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