Marketing to Find Motivated Sellers

New Online Course from Bill Bronchick

From: Bill Bronchick
Re: Finding Motivated Seller Leads
Date: Monday, 10:35 AM

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur,

Are you struggling to find deals in today’s competitive “seller’s” market? Are you tired of coming up short with your marketing and getting your offers rejected by brokers and banks? Do you want a steady stream of deals in your pipeline without spending a fortune?

If you answered “Yes”, then you’ll want to ORDER RIGHT NOW my new “Marketing for Motivated Sellers” course!

Without Finding Motivated Sellers, Your Business is DEAD!

You’ve taken the time to attend seminars, read books, listen to CD, even pay for coaching, but no deals are coming your way.  You may think that these deals just don’t exist or don’t exist in “this Market” or “my Market”, and you might even be tempted to give up and blame the educators for this.  Don’t blame them, blame YOURSELF! That’s right, motivated sellers aren’t going to fall into your lap – you must market like a madman and with a purpose.

I’ll show you how to create a detailed marketing plan that maximizing your return on investment and gets you more deals closed.  Remember, creative real estate deals don’t work on 95% of the sellers out there who are just trying to get the most out of their home and move on.  You need to find more needles in the so-called haystack, and my system is like a GIANT MAGNET that pulls out the needles quickly and easily!

Here’s What You’ll Learn
About Finding Motivated Sellers…

  • How to identify the ideal customer
  • How to market like a giant MAGNET that attracts deals to you, rather than you chasing them!
  • Cold-calling, direct mail, referrals, bird-dogs, Internet marketing and so many other ways to find deals that are NOT on the MLS!
  • Free and low-cost ways to market for motivated sellers
  • Getting instant referrals from people who’d you LEAST expect to give them!
  • Social media and other online marketing
  • Handling and organizing incoming leads
  • What to say over the phone (the “Script”) and HOW to say it – live role playing scenarios!
  • How to get to the seller’s REAL problems (not the B.S. cover story he’s giving you!)
  • Qualifying sellers to meet with
  • The art of sales persuasion – how to gain instant rapport and get the seller to open up
  • Calculating cost per lead, conversion rates, and return on marketing dollars
  • Deciding who to follow up with, and who’s not worth it
  • Creating an effective marketing plan for your business (including template)


Bonus #1: Marketing Materials

Sample Letters, postcards, and other media templates in editable format, including the highly-coveted “Yellow Letter” template!

Bonus #2: Video AND Audio Recording of the Event

You’ll have access to a high-resolution streaming playback of a recent live seminar with all questions caught on tape. It’s like having a free seminar with your course! Plus, you can download the audio in Mp3 and listen on your phone, iPod or tablet.

Bonus #3: Powerpoint Slides

You’ll have access to download the entire Powerpoint presentation from the seminar – that means you can actually watch and listen without having to frantically write notes while watching the seminar video!

The cost for all of this is surprisingly low…

I decided that I wanted to make it as easy as possible for those interested in learning about finding motivated seller to get their hands on this course. There are less-qualified people charging $1,000 or more for similar information. Normally, I would charge $1,000 or more for a product like this, but if you take action NOW, I am going to reward you with a GIFT:

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