From: Bill Bronchick, ESQ
Re: Generating Chunks of Cash NOW!

Dear Investor,

Hi, my name is Bill Bronchick, author of the best-selling book, FLIPPING PROPERTIES. I have personally rehabbed and flipped more houses than I can count, and I would like to share my experience with you in a brand new home study program, “The Ultimate Guide to Fix and Flip”. Do you realize that it’s possible to make a cash profit of $15,000 to $25,000 or more on fixing and flipping one property? That’s a minimum! The Fix and Flip Home Study Guide can teach you how to make even more!

The “fix and flip” can be profitable – or very unprofitable – depending on what you know! Don’t risk losing money on these deals when you can learn from “OPE”… other people’s experience.

You will learn the nuts and bolts about fixing and flipping properties – the practical knowledge that will save you a terrific amount of time and energy – not to mention MONEY!

If you are just getting into real estate, fixing and flipping properties is one of the best ways due to the low cost – and almost no risk to you.  If you are a veteran in this business you will learn even more, in-depth ways of increasing your profit.

This program will teach you how to keep the cash coming so you can buy quickly and sell the properties for a profit. It will also show you why you want to be wary of get rich quick schemes. I want you to succeed in real estate, but I want you to learn the right and safe way to increase your wealth.

I will teach you every aspect of fixing and flipping real estate. My aim is to teach you what I know – My experiences and wisdom will be there for you. I’ve done this myself for years and can save you valuable time, money, and energy.

When you are finished with this program you will have learned thoroughly about buying property and reselling for a profit from all angles more than most real estate pros learn in a lifetime!

You Need CHUNKS of Money to Survive in Real Estate

Rental properties create long-term equity and a little bit of cash flow, but they will not allow you to quit your job, pay down debt, or pay for your kids’ college.  Equity looks good on paper, but it won’t pay the bills!

In this Program You Will Learn…

  • How to Buy, fix up, and sell a house for profit
  • Insider tips on where to find the best properties to buy (and which ones to avoid!)
  • The art of negotiating a deal to bring their price down to rock bottom
  • The ins and outs of property contracts that you must know before signing oneSecrets of renovating-and cutting costs far below normal while doing so
  • How to list and market your properties like a pro – using the methods you will be taught
  • About legal and tax implications, as well as the practical side of running a highly profitable real estate business

And, much, more!

“I wish I had bought that property. Look what it sold for!”

Be the one who did buy it. Be the one who did fix it. Be the one who did sell it for a profit.

Are you going to continue to let what could free you financially slip through your fingers? It’s time. Learn what you’ve always wanted to know about fixing and flipping properties.

Don’t miss the information. Don’t miss the experience. Don’t miss the opportunity of gaining several lifetimes of expertise offered to you in one day. You’ve heard it said “there are no guarantees in life.” Well that might be true about a lot of things, but when you equip yourself with the know – how about a subject and have the motivation to make things happen, you set yourself up for the next best thing to a guarantee. When you invest in the Ultimate Guide to Fix and Flip Home Study Program, you will have the knowledge needed in this area of the real estate market. And armed with this information, you’re guaranteed to do better than the majority who enter into buying and selling real estate “simply guessing.”

When you see a piece of property for sale what goes through your mind? If you’re like most people, you start thinking things like: “I can’t fix that and sell it. It will be too much trouble. I don’t have the money for the purchase. I don’t know how to fix up a house. I don’t know how to sell it for a profit.” Does any of this sound familiar?

This program answers all of these questions for you – and you’ll get true positives to help you get started. What you will learn in this program will almost guarantee that you can do all of the above and do it well!

In the business of fixing and flipping, you decide how much you make, depending on how much time you want to invest, whether you decide to work a few (very profitable) hours a week or full time. What’s more, you may choose to begin small and grow slowly, or you may decide to concentrate on one big deal. Regardless, we’ll show you how to get your money’s worth. So you aren’t qualified, or don’t want to do the repairs on the property. No sweat. We’ll teach you to use other people’s money to pay for those repairs. There’s almost always another way.

For all this education and training, the cost of this enlightening and financially freeing program is only $997.00!! This is an incredibly low price for so much information, but I am determined to make it as easy as possible for you to get the program.

But take action now and take advantage of the special online Internet pricing of just $397.00 for instant access to the eCourse!

Are you going to continue to let what could free you financially slip through your fingers? It’s time. Learn what you’ve always wanted to know about fixing and flipping properties. I salute you as you embark on this new venture.

Your partner in success,

William Bronchick, Esq.

P.S. – Even if you learn just ONE or TWO good  money-making or money-saving  tips, this course was a worthwhile investment.

P.P.S. – Remember, it’s tax deductible as education if you are in the business so it really costs 1/3 less!

Frequently Asked Questions

  What's included in the course

You get access to four training videos of approximately 90 minutes each, a total of six full hours of training.  Plus, you get a course manual and with dozens of checklists, spreadsheets, tools, and sample marketing materials.

 How long do I have access to the course?

As long as you need.  There’s no expiration or rush to get finished with the material.  You can watch on your computer, tablet or other portable device.

 Can I download the material?

The manual and forms are downloadable, but the videos are not.  The audio from the videos is exportable in mp3 format to listen on a portable device or you can burn to CDs for your car

 What kind of support do I have for the training?

You will have access to a searchable support forum hosted by Attorney Bill Bronchick where you can post questions.