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7 Tips for Using Marketing Lists


by Frank Pulley, Success Coach for Bronchick Consulting Group As a real estate investor, there are many, many ways with which to market. For newer investors who at first depend pretty much 100% on their marketing efforts in order to procure leads it can be a bit confusing and intimidating, to say the least. There are a multitude of ways one …

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10 Tips on Decision Making


By Frank Pulley, Success Coach for Bronchick Consulting Group, LLC In the real estate investor’s world, and especially in the tight real estate markets that many of us are currently experiencing, it’s critical to be able to make quick, yet solid decisions. Some seem to have this gift and some don’t. If you don’t have this ability, unfortunately you may tend to lose …

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7 Tips for Partnering in Real Estate


By William Bronchick and Frank Pulley So, you have given some serious thought about seeking a partner (or partners) for a real estate venture you are considering. However, because you haven’t had much experience with partnerships before, you don’t have a clue where to start. Before we get into the 7 Tips, let’s start with a few initial considerations. Please note that when …

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Is Real Estate Investing for You?


by William Bronchick, ESQ. Real estate is an intricate business that involves many different legal, financial, and interpersonal aspects. Are you ready to jump into this complicated business? Think about these essential questions before you make your first move. 1. How much money can you invest? Investing in the real estate market requires some capital. The initial outlay of cash needed upfront to acquire …

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