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Flipping Faux Pas


By William Bronchick, ESQ When it comes to making money in the business of flipping houses and other real estate investments you will find all kinds of do’s and don’ts along the way. The truth of the matter is that these are extremely useful whether this is your first house flip or you have been flipping houses for years. In ...

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Creative Real Estate Options


by William Bronchick, ESQ Creative real estate investing is defined as the usage of non-traditional ideas and methods of selling and buying properties. Here, the buyer will initially secure his finance taken from a lending organization and pay the full amount together with borrowed funds which will serve as his down payment. One of the effective ways in purchasing a ...

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Low Cost Real Estate Marketing


by Attorney Bill Bronchick Finding deals is what real estate investing is all about.  Without a deal on the table, everything you learn is just academic.  You’ve tried looking for properties with a real estate agent, but that did not bring many prospects, simply because everyone else is doing to the same thing. In order to find a great real ...

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