The Importance of Cash Flow


 By William Bronchick ESQ. Many businesses fail in the first few year mainly due to poor cash flow management. According to a recent survey, the number-one thing small business owners say they wish they’d have done differently was have more start up money. Even experienced companies file bankruptcy, not because they don’t have a good business model but because they ... Read More »

Are You a Victim of Procrastination?


By Frank Pulley, Success Coach Bronchick Consulting Group, LLC Let’s face it. Even the most ambitious of us sometimes faces the procrastination “demon” from time to time. Call it “Spring Fever”, “Summer Malaise”, The Winter Doldrums” or any other name- it’s all the same. For most of us, it’s a temporary state and sometimes indicates that we need to slow ... Read More »

Illegal Discrimination in Housing

NO Discrimination

By: William Bronchick ESQ. You want the best tenants in your property, so you have to be choosey, particular or… dare I say… “discriminatory”!  But not all forms of discrimination are illegal.  It is illegal discrimination only when you discriminate against people who are a member of a “protected” class. The Fair Housing Act of 1968, as amended, prohibits discrimination ... Read More »

Finishing Basements

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By William Bronchick ESQ. While finished basements can add value, the amount of value is less than it is for above-ground living areas. In addition, this greatly varies depending on different regions of the country. In humid areas, below-ground living space isn’t as valuable to homeowners as in dryer areas of the country. Thus, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ... Read More »

What Does Median Price Mean?

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By William Bronchick, ESQ. Many people are confused between average and median price.  Here’s an example to help you understand the difference. Let’s say you had seven properties in a neighborhood and they sold for the following amounts: • $87,000 • $110,000 • $112,000 • $115,000 • $118, 000 • $120,000 • $122,000 The median price of these properties is ... Read More »