William Bronchick and William Tingle Present the One and Only...

 Sub2 Summit!

Marriott Hotel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
September 20-22, 2024

Limited to Just 45 MOTIVATED People Who Register EARLY!

Join the "Williams" For Three Days of
Intense Sub2 Training (and fun) in Mexico!

If you want to SERIOUSLY beef up your knowledge, strategies, and confidence to do "Sub2" deals, this training is a MUST-ATTEND event for you. William Bronchick and William Tingle (the "Williams") will share their combined FIVE decades of real estate investing experience, particularly with buying houses "Subject-to" (aka "Sub2") existing mortgages. Get ready for the "fire hose" of information that will be blasted at you during this three-day training from these two seasoned experts!

Now is the Time to Seize the Opportunity this Economy Has Presented for Savvy Investors...

This low-supply, high-interest rate market has created a unique niche for savvy investor who know how to structure "Sub2" deals correctly. We must emphasize, CORRECTLYThere are a plethora of instant online gurus claiming to be experts in Sub2 deals that are teaching downright dangerous and risky techniques. Sure, they have millions of social media followers, but it's the blind leading the blind. Just because someone is popular on YouTube, that does NOT make them an expert you want to necessarily follow. Instead, follow the REAL experts who have been doing it for 20+ years and have hundreds of deals under their belts.

It's MUCH Easier Than You Think...
Once You've Learned WHAT to do!

"The devil is in the details," as they say, and the "Williams" will share ALL the details you need to know to do successful, low-risk, high profit, and ethical deals. Any idiot can buy a house Sub2; but only a handful of investors in the crowd can do it CORRECTLY and PROFITABLY - and that's the key!

You will learn from A to Z how to find, evaluate, negotiate, write contracts up, and close Sub2 deals the CORRECT and PROFITABLE way in today's market, no matter what state or city you live in.

Join Us September 20-22, 2024 for...
“The Sub2 Summit”

Three days of exclusive training in Puerto Vallarta, MX
Friday - Sunday, September 20-22, 2024

  • Where to Look. Are you brainwashed into thinking there are no deals in today's market? If you think this way, you will NEVER get wealthy in real estate! Learn more than 10 ways to "shake the trees" and watch motivated sellers fall into your basket!
  • What to Say. Learn how to flush out a seller's TRUE motivation, and get to the heart of the issue so you can solve his problem and also make money for yourself. Win/Win is the name of the game! We'll even do sample "role playing" scenarios to practice making the pitch to a seller to convince him or her to "play ball."
  • What NOT to Say. Are you blowing up deals because you said the wrong things? Learn the FIVE things you should NEVER say to a seller or you will waste time and money.
  • Crunch the Numbers. OK, so you have a seller willing to play ball, but is it REALLY a good deal? Learn how to evaluate a deal in less than FIVE MINUTES to determine whether you should go forward or turn around and RUN!
  • Write up the Deal. Learn what forms, contracts, and other paperwork you need to get signed by the seller to make sure your deal is properly secured and someone else doesn't steal it. Also, learn what legal disclosures are necessary to keep you out of court!
  • Do Your Due Diligence. Use our exclusive checklists for making sure the deal is what it is, not just what you THINK it is (or what the seller told you!).
  • How to Close It. Learn how to find a title company or attorney to close your deals, what entity to take title in, and how to make sure your closing goes smoothly.
  • Back-End Strategies. Learn what makes sense for each type of deal - whether you should keep and rent, flip it, lease/option, or wrap it (the "Triple-Dip-Flip"!).
  • How to Avoid Seller's Remorse. Seven specific things you should do to prevent a seller from coming back later and trying to "undo" your deal.
  • What to do If... What happens if the lender contacts you about the transaction? What if the seller hires an attorney to try and "challenge" your deal? What if the seller dies or files bankruptcy? What if the seller tries to get another loan? All of these scenarios and MORE will be covered, so you are ready for the common pitfalls in Sub2 investing.
  • Legal and Tax Issues. Attorney Bill Bronchick covers all of the legal and tax issues surrounding Sub2 deals. Hear it straight from the "horse's mouth" (an experienced Sub2 attorney - 34 years), not from rumor or anecdotal stories on social media!
  • Practical Issues. Learn how to deal with stuff like how to cash a check for escrow made payable to the old owner, how to handle insurance, how to make sure the underlying payment gets made, and a dozen other logistical issues that all the other "Internet experts" forgot to mention!
  • Deals You Should NOT Buy Sub2. Not every Sub2 deal is a good one. Some are downright dumb and risky. We'll list seven specific scenarios you should stay away from!

This event is limited to just 45 lucky (and motivated) people who register early. This won't be streamed, recorded, or replayed - you MUST attend live or you'll miss out on this exclusive, one-of-a-kind event. And did we mention, it will also be FUN? It's at a top-notch resort on the ocean in Puerto Vallarta! Stay a few extra days with your spouse or partner.

Meet Your Expert Instructors

Attorney William Bronchick

Best-selling real estate author William Bronchick has been investing in real estate for 32 years and has been been a real estate attorney for 34 years, having closing thousands of "Sub2" transactions for himself, his clients, his students, and real estate brokers.

He has been sharing his creative real estate experience on Legalwiz.com since 1997, having trained countless people to become prosperous and successful real estate investors. His "no BS" style takes on difficult topics and breaks them down into simple, "bite-sized" chunks you can understand (with sarcastic humor to boot!).

William Tingle

William Tingle, Host of Sub2Deals.com, Sub2University.com & The Sub2Deals Show Podcast is a nationally-known real estate investor, investing coach, author and public speaker.

William had worked in the restaurant business for almost 20 years when in 1999, he ordered a Carleton Sheets Nothing Down course off of a late night TV infomercial. He read it and took a $5000 advance from a credit card to start his real estate investing career. Exactly one year later he quit his job for good, paid the credit card off and has to this day never used a penny of his own money for investing.

To date, he has taken the deed to several hundred properties and still continues to buy 10 to 15 properties a year in this manner in select markets throughout the United States. He has trained and coached countless students all over the country to become financially successful real estate investors.

See what our customers have to say:

"He is the real deal..."

"My family and I were taught by Bill Bronchick and we purchased many of his courses and seminars. He is the real deal! He practices what he preaches and knows his stuff when it comes to real estate and the law. Without Bill, we would have made costly mistakes that could have resulted in a failure instead of  success."

   Jared Miller, Sedalia, CO

"[Bill] alleviated my fears ..."

"I got my start in real estate investing by attending one of Bill Bronchick's events. He is an excellent teacher and alleviated my fears by giving me direct answers to all of my questions. Most other seminar instructors just tell you to "see an attorney" when it comes to legal issues. Well, no need to do that here, Bill IS the attorney!""

   Sheena B., Investor, St. Georges, UT

"2nd sub2 contract signed this month..."

"Just had my second sub2 contract signed this month! Thank you William Tingle for you help answering the many questions that I had. Knowing that I have your experience and expertise when I need it is amazing"

   Konti Leci, Jacksonville, FL

"Just closed on a 16-unit, 1.2M dollar sub2 deal, with no money down..."

"I just closed on a 16-unit, 1.2M dollar sub2 deal, with no money down, The seller was so pleased with our deal that she sold me another 49-unit building subject to a great Freddie Mac loan! Thank you for your enormous contribution to my career and my family William Tingle."

   Austin Wood, Canton, Ohio

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't learn TONS of valuable information and have dozens of "Aha" moments, we'll gladly refund your tuition!


Q: Which Hotel is the Event Being Held at?
A: Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa

Q: What Airport do I Fly Into?
A: PVR - Puerto Vallarta International

Q: Is there a Shuttle from Airport to the Hotel?
A: It's a 5 minute cab ride from PVR to the hotel

Q: Is it Safe in Mexico?
A: Puerto Vallarta is one of the most laid back and safe tourist destinations left in Mexico!

Q: Do I Need a Passport?
A: YES! Make sure yours is not expired! If you are close, let us know and we'll recommend a rush passport service.

Q: Are Accommodations Included in the Price?
A: No, travel and hotel is extra, but we did reserve a block of rooms at $197/night (info provided on registration).

Q: Do I Need to Rent a Car?
A: Absolutely NOT! The hotel is minutes from the airport and walking distance to golf, shopping, restaurants, etc. You can cab into the old town of PV for about $12.

Q: Can I Drink the Water?
A: Yes, almost all Mexican resort towns have filtered water for tourists.

Q: Can I Write Off My Trip?
A: Travel for education and training is always deductible; but if you stay extra nights for leisure (recommended) the cost of your hotel for the extra nights is not.

But, but, but... I Can't Make it

If your reaction is, "I can't make it because," that's what we call EXCUSES! Many of us are great at excusing ourselves from having to do something, with really good "reasons" (excuses) such as:

  • It's too far to travel for a seminar - Puerto Vallarta is one of the closest destinations in Mexico, and the hotel in FIVE minutes from the airport.
  • It's too expensive to fly - compared to what? Airfare in late September is "off season," so it will be cheaper than you think. Go to Expedia.com now and look at flights!
  • I don't like to fly - who does? But, if you want to be successful, you have to be willing to make sacrifices.
  • I don't have the time - we all have the same 24 hours in the day as the president, successful athletes, and Mother Teresa. You can find the time if it's important enough to you!
  • I already know this stuff - you may know SOME, but trust us, you don't know it all. Even if we remind you of a handful of great tips that you forgot you knew and haven't used, it's worth the trip!

My mom always said, "You can make excuses or you can make MONEY - but you can't do BOTH!"

We look forward to seeing you in Mexico for the Sub2 Summit and being partners in YOUR success!

William Bronchick & William Tingle

P.S.: The Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa is across the street from a golf course and a huge marina where you can find great restaurants and boats to charter for fishing, snorkeling, or whale watching. Stay a few extra days with your loved ones!

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