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Real Estate Investing!

Learn How to Thrive in Real Estate Regardless of Market Conditions

  • Learn to recognize opportunities to profit, whether the market is up or down!
  • Learn how to protect yourself from market fluctuations!
  • Learn how to predict market changes and how to prepare yourself for them!

Online Streaming Recorded Presentation
from November 11/12th, 2022

The Market is Changing - Are You Prepared?

What a difference a year makes. We went from 20% per year growth in values to hitting a BRICK WALL! Interest rates have more than doubled! Is the game over? Has real estate hit the skids? Are we ripe for a crash?


You Can Make Money in ANY Real Estate Market if You Know What You Are Doing!

And the key words above are, "If you know what you are doing." If you don't, you can lose your shirt and struggle to hold on to what you've got, or worse - give up and wait for things to get better and miss out on your best opportunities.  

How Will YOU Fund Your Retirement?

So, how WILL you fund your retirement? In the stock market? Volatility is killing profits. The Dow just lost more than 800 points in one day. Huge corrections like this are the norm these days. Companies are artificially pumping up values with buy-backs. The bond market has been massacred.

Worried about the future of Social Security? It might not even be around when you retire. The economy is in the toilet! Farmers warn of severe food shortages ahead. The “green utopia” is a distant dream. Fuel oil is up 70%. “Free” money has destroyed the value of the dollar. Inflation is embedded in everything you buy.

Depending on your kids? What with gasoline and food prices going through the roof, they are barely
scraping by themselves.

Now that retirement is staring you in the face, how WILL you spend it? Hopefully, you won't end up surviving on cat food and crackers like thousands of seniors!

The future looks grim. It's enough to give you a migraine. You can't afford to wait for the economy to turn around. You need to act now!!

Fortunately, there's hope. I am offering a recording of brand-new real estate workshop that will offer a new perspective on the state of things. You will learn why real estate, regardless of market conditions, is still the #1 money-maker and retirement builder for those who know how to play the "game." 

Meet Your Instructor

Attorney and best-selling author


I've Invested in 12 Different States Through
Three Market Cycles. I Know the Game!

Some of my so-called "competitors" started after the 2008 crash and have no idea what a market cycle looks like. They think they are geniuses because their holdings went up in the last 10 years. I've got news for you - a MONKEY can make money when the market appreciates. A seasoned pro makes money whether the market is up, down, or sideways!

I've been at this game for 32 years. I've seen multiple market cycles and invested in a dozen different states. I've invested in single-family, condos, townhomes, multi-family, small and large apartments, commercial projects, and everything in-between. As an investor, attorney and mentor, I've successfully worked through THOUSANDS of deals from start to finish. In short, I know what I'm talking about - which is why you should be taking advice from me, not some slick Internet marketer who just got started in real estate five years ago!

"Knowledge is of more value than gold."
- King Solomon.

Are you prepared for the changes in the real estate market and the economy? Inflation, rising interest rates, new taxes, new fed policies, and the new rules of the game? You WILL be once you've been through my workshop, "Recession-Proof Real Estate Investing." Armed with the knowledge you will gain at this training, you will have confidence to take action, move forward, and conquer your competition!

If you're looking to make money in today's real estate market, then this workshop is for you. Get a behind-the-scenes look at multiple strategies that you can use to profit even if the market isn't on your side. Whether the economy is good or bad, there are always opportunities to invest in real estate and get paid handsomely. Learn how to use these new techniques, so that you can create an income stream for yourself regardless of what happens in the economy.

The More You Learn, the More You EARN!

There are three crucial topics that you need to learn that we'll cover in my workshop. You must know ALL THREE, and know them cold. If you miss any one of them, you will miss out on all the opportunities available to you and suffer tremendous regret!

How to evaluate your local market conditions and predict what will happen next

How to recognize opportunities and what strategies to employ to find and create deals

How to "Bullet-Proof" your investments to protect them from market fluctuations

Here's Just SOME What We'll Cover in the Streaming Event

  • Where We Are Right Now
    You will learn exactly what is going on nationally and in your local markets. Are prices going to continue to rise, flatten or fall? Are we going to see a repeat of 2008? Are interest rates head for "Jimmy Carter" territory?? Answers to these questions and more will be revealed, as well as how to evaluate and predict ANY local market in the U.S.
  • Where the Hidden Opportunities Are
    While everyone else is panicking and freaking out, you will learn how to recognize the opportunities for making profits and cash flow in your local market (or any market) in the country.
  • What Strategies Do I Use to Make Money in Today's Environment?
    You will learn specific techniques and strategies to make money in the coming months and years in your local (or any) real estate market. Further, I will reveal what strategies are risky and should be AVOIDED in the near future.
  • How do I Find, Evaluate, and Negotiate Great Deals?
    Finding great deals on price and terms are the key to profiting from real estate. Learn what's actually WORKING in today's market to flush out motivated sellers. Also, you will learn to evaluate deals and negotiate with sellers to create win/win outcomes!
  • How Do I Hedge Against Potential Market Losses? 
    This training isn't just about offensive techniques, but also about DEFENSIVE techniques. Learn how to avoid risk and protect what you already have, regardless of what happens in the national or local economy.
  • How Do I Get Financing?
    You will learn exactly what to do to get financing for your deals, whether or not you have cash or credit available.

What People Are Saying About My Workshops

"I have attended many of William Bronchick's seminars, both live and online, and they are chock full of valuable information and insights. Bill is the "real deal" and tells it straight with no fluff or hype. His vast experience in real estate is very evident. I am very pleased with my decision to attend his events."

Christian Bryant
- Realtor/Investor, Miami, FL

“Bill Bronchick has a unique way of taking complicated subjects and breaking them down into simple, useable concepts.  Even though he's a lawyer, he explains the legal issues in laymen's terms for everyone to understand.  His information has allowed me close many more deals, both as a real estate broker and investor."

Julee Gracey
- Broker/Investor, Houston, TX

Bill Bronchick's methods have made me more money than I can count. He has saved me from many mistakes and opened my eyes to ways of buying, financing, and selling real estate that I never thought were possible.  And, being an attorney, he alerted me to the common legal pitfalls that I should avoid.

Sheena Blankenagel
- Grand Junction, CO

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The recording of this intimate workshop is limited to just 100 bold people who TAKE ACTION EARLY! The full replay is available for just $197.00 for the entire workshop recording in high resolution video. That's a STEAL for the quality and quantity of information you'll receive!

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A Personal Note from Bill

There are those to make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those that wonder, "What happened?" I encourage you to step off the sidelines and get into the game if you want to profit from this very small and limited window of opportunity. Do whatever you need to do to get this training. You can make excuses or you can make money - you can't do BOTH!

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