From: William Bronchick, ESQ.
Re: How to Protect Yourself from the Litigation Explosion

Dear Entrepreneur and Potential Multi–millionaire,

Do you own real estate in your own name or an LLC?  If so, you are a sitting duck for tenant lawsuits, the IRS and code enforcement.  Whether you own in your own name or an LLC, the information is public about who’s behind the ownership of your properties, and that makes it difficult to keep anonymity from your tenants and code enforcement officers.  Your properties are subject to inquiries, lawsuits, and asset searches.  In short, you are naked in a world of information.

Your Odds of Being Sued Are GREATER Than EVER!

Lawsuits are an everyday threat to your financial well–being. Imagine a thug sticking a .357 magnum up to your throat and demanding you turn over your wallet, credit cards, jewelry, and keys to your luxury car. How do you feel? Scared out of your mind? Vulnerable? Violated?You will feel exactly the same way (and maybe worse) when you are hit by a lawsuit and you know you haven’t done anything wrong! I will teach you the skills you need protect yourself from being a target for the “bloodsuckers” and “ambulance chasers.” With impenetrable walls of protection around you, lawyers and greedy plaintiffs won’t be able to touch you or your assets!

Are you a landlord now or do you have plans to own real estate in the future? If you’re ever sued, realize juries are made up mostly of tenants. They are jealous that they don’t own a house and you have several! The way jury members see it, when a landlord has been sued,it’s pay–back time! This is their chance to get even with every landlord who ever hit them with a late rent charge or made them get rid of that pet. And, consider this… most judges earn less than you. How sympathetic could they possibly be? What do think the chances are of getting a fair trial? You might as well just hand over your checkbook and the title to one of your houses – unless you know my protection strategies!

WATCH OUT – The Lawyers Have Their Targets on Real Estate Investors!

The National Consumer Law Center recently published a report called “Dreams Foreclosed – The Rampant Theft of Americans’ Homes Through Equity–Stripping Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Scams”. It is a one–sided, wildly exaggerated attack on foreclosure investors that was funded by a left–wing “Consumer Protection” organization. These are the same type of lawyers who sue McDonald’s for making people fat and sue the tobacco companies for causing cancer. Guess what? There are lawyers all over the Country with the same “consumer protection” delusion who are going after real estate investors, and you do NOT have to be one of them! I will teach you how to protect yourself from these opportunists!


Saturday, December 14th – Denver, Colorado

The Ultimate Seminar on Land Trusts take you from the very basics to advanced “3.0” techniques for this powerful real estate tool.  I’ve been using and refining the processes of using land trusts for 22 years, and it’s darn near PERFECTED!  As an investor, businessman, and lawyer, I’ve got a 360 degree view of how this stuff works like NOBODY ELSE does.  Sure, some lawyers get it, and some investors get – but a lawyer who’s an investor gets it from the legal side AND the practical side.  I’ll show you not only what works, but what DOESN’T work and how to avoid trouble when using land trusts in your real estate business.


    • The very basics of trust law and the origination of land trusts
    • How to create a land trust – all the details and intricacies
    • How to transfer property into trust
    • How to handle insurance, taxes, mortgage payments and other details
    • 7 ways to use land trusts in “creative” real estate transactions
    • How to tie in a living trust into the picture
    • How to pick and change trustees
    • How to pick and change beneficiaries
    • All the legal forms and documents you’ll need to use land trusts
    • What to do and say (or not say) when somebody comes knocking
    • How to deal with tenants, lenders, brokers, and code enforcement when using a trust
    • Using “personal property” trusts for further anonymity and to title non-real estate assets
    • How to use a land trust in a 1031 exchange or with an IRA
    • How a land trust can be effective in a real estate joint venture
    • IRS rules and regulations with trusts

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William Bronchick, ESQ

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