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Meet Your Instructor and Mentor

My name is William Bronchick and I'm an attorney, investor, and best-selling author with over 25 years experience in real estate.  I have authored six published books (available on Amazon, etc.) and have appeared on major media outlets like CNBC, TIME Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investors Business Daily and dozens of others.

My goal is to help YOU realize your dreams through real estate investing.  Whether you want some chunks of quick cash, steady income, and/or an early and prosperous retirement.  I offer this online training as a way for you to get to know me and what I am about.  I'm convinced you'll LOVE this training and learn a bunch of new ideas!

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Mark J. Sheahan, CPA

Your teaching style is simple and down to earth.  No hype or sales pitch, just good, solid information.  Thanks for what you do!

Carol Martin

I cannot believe this training is free! Your teaching style is straight-up, no bull and easy to follow. Anyone who want to learn more about real estate investing MUST sign up for this course!

Raymond Cooper

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