Attorney & Best-Selling Author Bill Bronchick Presents...

Creative Real Estate Financing

Live Event Sat/Sun, April 15/16th - Denver, Colorado

Learn How to Buy Real Estate Without Banks, Without Credit, and
With Little or No Money Out of Pocket in 2023 and Beyond!
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You MUST Learn How to Leverage Properties Without
Banks or Credit if You Want to Retire WEALTHY!

Leverage... the key to getting wealthy in real estate. 

You can't possibly save up money quickly enough to buy properties cash or even with large down payments. The less you put down, the more you can buy and ride the long-term appreciation curve.

As the market starts to flatten and soften, there will be lots of deals available; but forking out 20% down or more for a down payment on a property and signing personally on a 30-year loan is insane and unsustainable. You will run out of cash and probably run out of ways to borrow. There are better ways to make money and build wealth without dealing with banks or using your own credit.

Furthermore, market interest rates offered by banks and mortgage companies are just too darn high to create cash flow on rental properties. But, if you learn to employ "Creative Financing," you can create hundreds of dollars a month in cash flow, with little or no money down. "Is that even possible," you wonder? Yes, it surely is, but few investors know how to do this, and even FEWER so-called "real estate professionals" know it either...

The Creative Real Estate Financing Boot Camp on April 15/16th, 2023 will give you the tools you need to succeed in this unique market and for years ahead of you.

One Workshop, Many Hot Topics!

Topic 1:
Seller Financing

Learn how to find, evaluate, negotiate, and close deals with seller financing with little or no money down!

Topic 2:

Learn how to control properties and make cash flow and chunks of cash using leases/options with NO CASH or CREDIT!

Topic 3:

Learn how to buy properties subject-to the existing mortgage. How to negotiate it and what to say and disclose. 

Topic 4:

Learn how to buy or sell real estate with existing loans and create tremendous cash flow without tenants!

Topic 5:
No $$ Down Deals

Learn a dozen or more ways to buy real estate without (or with a very small) down payment. Do endless deals in real estate.

Topic 6:
Finding Deals

Learn how to find motivated sellers in today's market. We cover over 25 creative ideas that are proven to work for you! 

Here's Just a Small List of Things You Will Learn:

  • Where to Look. Are you brainwashed into thinking there are no deals in today's market? If you think this way, you will NEVER get wealthy in real estate! Learn 10 ways to "shake the trees" and watch motivated sellers fall into your basket!
  • What to Say. Learn how to flush out a seller's TRUE motivation, and get to the heart of the issue so you can solve his problem and also make money for yourself. Win/Win is the name of the game!
  • What NOT to Say. Are you blowing up deals because you said the wrong things? Learn the FIVE things you should NEVER say to a seller or you will waste time and money.
  • Crunch the Numbers. OK, so you have a seller willing to play ball, but is it REALLY a good deal? Learn how to evaluate a deal in less than FIVE MINUTES to determine whether you should go forward or turn around and RUN!
  • Write up the Deal. Learn what forms, contracts, and other paperwork you need to get signed by the seller to make sure your deal is properly secured and someone else doesn't steal it. Also, learn what legal disclosures are necessary to keep you out of court!
  • Do Your Due Diligence. Use my exclusive checklists for making sure the deal is what it is, not just what you THINK it is (or what the seller told you!).
  • How to Close It. Learn how to find a title company or attorney to close your deals, what entity to take title in, and how to make sure your closing goes smoothly.

About Your Instructor: 
William Bronchick

William ("Bill") Bronchick has been in the creative real estate business for over THIRTY-TWO YEARS! As an attorney, investor, mentor, coach, and through his title agency, he has closed over 1,600 transactions involving creative real estate deals. That's more experience than anyone you will meet in the business!

Mr. Bronchick is the author of six published real estate books. He was the founder and president of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors for 17 years. He has appeared on various national media, such as on CNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, TIME Magazine, Money Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, USA Today, and dozens of other prestigious media outlets. He hosted "The Real Estate Expert" radio show for six years on Denver's AM 630. He has spoken to audiences as large as 16,000 people for "Get Motivated" events, sharing the stage with names like Colin Powell, Suzie Orman & Steve Forbes.

Event Location in Denver, Colorado

Doubletree by Hilton Denver/Aurora - 13696 E. Iliff Place, Aurora, CO 80014

(DIA Airport shuttle - average rate for a weekend King Room - only $115/night)


What's So DIFFERENT About this Event?

You've probably attended seminars, boot camps, workshops, and online events before.  So, what makes this event different than all the others?  

Three main reasons...

  1. 1
    Your Instructor is a Licensed Attorney. While Mr. Bronchick is not acting as your personal attorney (unless you hire him), his legal knowledge of the real estate business is FAR SUPERIOR to all of his so-called "competitors". You will learn what is LEGAL to do and what is NOT!
  2. 2
    Your Instructor is an Excellent Communicator. Sure, some people may have similar experience, but can they convey their knowledge in an understandable format or do they just babble and tell stories? William Bronchick is known for taking complex topics and making them SIMPLE and easy to learn!
  3. 3
    The Admission Price is Extremely Affordable. Mr. Bronchick's hourly rate is $400.00. Two days with someone of his caliber would cost you $5,000.00 or more! At just $497.00 for the entire boot camp (which includes a course manual, forms, and a video/audio recording), you won't find this much information for this kind of money - ANYWHERE!

“Top-notch learning experiences....”

"I've attended several of Bills trainings and they were top-notch learning experiences. Easy to understand, easy to follow, and he welcomes questions from his audience"

- Julee G., Realtor/Investor, Houston

“[Bill] alleviated my fears ..."

“I got my start in real estate investing by attending one of Bill Bronchick's events. He is an excellent teacher and alleviated my fears by giving me direct answers to all of my questions. Most other seminar instructors just tell you to "see an attorney" when it comes to legal issues. Well, no need to do that here, Bill IS the attorney!"

- Sheena B., Investor, Utah

“I always learn something new and innovative..."

“I've been going to Bill Bronchick's seminars for over 15 years, and I keep going back because I always learn something new and innovative. Bill is always ahead of the curve with this training, and I like that he covers the legal angles and helps you stay out of trouble (and out of court!)."

- Don L., Investor/Developer, Portland

“1.8 Million of real estate with no money down ..."

“With Bill's help I bought $1.8M of real estate with no money out of pocket. I even got cash back at closing! I was very skeptical at first, but now I'm a big believer!. His training is essential for anyone who wants to buy real estate without large chunks of cash or credit in today's market.

- Joe S., Investor, Colorado Springs

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