Generate Maximum Cash Flow From Real Estate in 2024

Live, Three-Day Training with Attorney Bill Bronchick
Denver, Colorado February 2-4th

The Rules of the Game Have Changed...
Do You Know the NEW Rules?

Higher interest rates, high inflation, poor economic conditions, and
uncertainty about the market is making the real estate investing game
harder and harder to figure out. But, don't worry, I've figured it out FOR you!

In my 34 years as a real estate lawyer, investor, best-selling author, and coach, I've seen it all. I've been through three up and down cycles and invested in 14 different markets. I've done a ton of fix and flips, wholesales, single-family rentals, apartment buildings, commercial properties, syndications, hard money lending, and so much more.  I ran one of the largest real estate investment associations in the country for 18 years, and spoken at scores of other groups, conventions, seminars, and events, having met thousands of new and experienced investors. In short, I've "been around the block," so to speak. 

At my "CASH FLOW 2024" live training Feb 2 - 4th, 2024, I will show you EXACTLY what is going to make you the most money in your pocket in the new year!

The Landlording Game is Getting Rough!

If you have ventured in the landlording game lately, you know that it's not as easy as it used to be. There are many factors in the last few years that have made it nearly impossible to break even, much less generate monthly cash flow. 

If you were a landlord during the COVID era, you know about the governmental restrictions on evicting tenants during "crisis" situations. Some investors went without rent from their tenants for over a YEAR, while still having to maintain the property and pay their mortgages, taxes, insurance, and utilities. Further, many cities and states have passed harsh new regulations favoring tenants, such as limiting late fees and security deposits. And, many cities and municipalities are requiring rental registrations for each unit, along with annual fees and inspections, which could result in fines and/or thousands of dollars out of pocket to upgrade your rental units to their satisfaction.

If you've tried to buy a property lately at today's prices and interest rates, you know full well that generating cash flow with this model is nearly impossible, mathematically speaking. The old "1% rule" of monthly rent vs. purchase price is all but gone, and at 8% interest or more, cash flow, and often even breaking EVEN is all but a pipe dream. And, of course, if you have rentals, you know that property taxes, insurance premiums, and costs of materials has skyrocketed in the last few years.

Short-Term Rentals are Getting Tougher, Too!

Over the past few years, the "Air BnB" model has gained popularity because it generates more revenue than long-term rentals. However, everyone and their brother has joined the craze, making for stiff competition in many markets. And, to make matters worse, most jurisdictions are highly regulating or even entirely eliminating short-term rentals, making your once profitable property a loser that you can't sell for what you paid or rent for enough to cover your mortgage.

The Fix and Flip Method? Good Luck!

A lot of investors get started by watching some television show about flipping houses and think, "I can do that!" 

I chuckle when I hear that because: 1) Those shows are not "reality," they are ENTERTAINMENT; 2) There are very few deals out there that are profitable enough to bother taking the risk on; and 3) The cost of labor and materials has gone THROUGH THE ROOF, making it extremely difficult for all but the most experienced players to make a buck. In fact, most new investors LOSE money, often five figures or more, by trying this method.

In today's market, the basic carpet-and-paint cosmetic rehab is impossible to find in ANY market, despite what you have read in a book or watched on a webinar.

So What IS Working? Find out at my
Exclusive New Event - “Cash Flow 2024”

Learn How to Generate Massive Cash Flow Every Month So You Can
Supplement Your Existing Income and Retire Early and Prosperously!

Here is just SOME of what I will cover at this informative and enlightening event:

  • What to expect in 2024 - from prices, rents, interest rates, government regulations, and more!
  • How to evaluate the RIGHT markets and neighborhoods to invest in, step-by-step
  • What types of properties are best for cash flow in today's market (and which are not!)
  • How to find, evaluate, and negotiate killer, cash-flow deals, leaving your competitors in the dust!
  • How to acquire properties without banks, using methods like "subject-to", seller-financing, and "wraps"
  • New and innovative ways to generate the most profit from existing and/or new rental properties
  • .Rehabbing, rezoning, and re-purposing properties to get the MOST income and profits
  • How to create long-term monthly income using "wraps," contracts-for-deed, lease/options, and more!
  •  Using "Master-Leasing" to generate cash flow on residential, multi-family, and commercial properties
  • Rezoning and/or reconfiguring existing properties to their "highest and best use" to get more income
  • The NEW way of wholesaling residential and commercial properties in 2024 (hint: the old way is DEAD!)
  • Joint ventures and partnerships with other investors and property owners to generate revenue!
  • How to get private capital from other investors, safely and legally, to fund ALL the deals you can find!
  • How to protect your new cash-flow streams from excessive taxes and potential liabilities

... and so much more, including multiple "Q&A" sessions to answer ALL of your burning questions and concerns!

Who This Training is NOT For...

You may be surprised to hear me say this, but my training is only for a select few - hustlers who are open to learning new ideas, be coached, and challenge their assumptions, beliefs, and ingrained ideas about real estate.

So, this training is definitely NOT for:

  • Tire-kickers, slackers, or those looking for "magic shortcuts" that require no work or everything done for them
  • Close-minded people and know-it-alls who would prefer to be "right" than wealthy!
  • Those who would use the fact that this event isn't in their town as an excuse not to not attend
  • .Those who think, "I can't afford it"... trust me, if you think you can't afford it, you REALLY need this training!
  • Those who think it's too difficult to make money in this market, so they are waiting for the "perfect time."
  • Those that are using their current life's "challenges" as an excuse to delay seeking financial prosperity

About Your Host, William Bronchick

Attorney Bill Bronchick

William Bronchick, host of is a nationally-known attorney, best-selling author, and public speaker with 34 years' experience. He has been featured on CNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC, USA Today, Money Magazine, TIME Magazine and dozens of other prestigious media outlets.

Mr. William Bronchick has been practicing law and investing in real estate since 1990, having been involved in thousands of real estate transactions as an investor, mentor, attorney, and title company owner. He has trained countless people all over the country to become financially successful, speaking to audiences of as many as 16,000 people at mega-business events and conventions.

My Events are Always Full of Relevant, 
Timely, and Informative Strategies!
(Which is Why They Keep Coming Back!)

“Top-notch learning experiences....”

"I've attended several of Bills trainings and they were top-notch learning experiences. Easy to understand, easy to follow, and he welcomes questions from his audience"

- Julee G., Realtor/Investor, Houston

“His courses changed my life...”

"His courses changed my life. I feel I need to give thanks to the people that helped get to where I am at. Your courses were one of the first courses I ever read to get started into real estate, which gave me the drive and passion to succeed. Today we buy and sell around over 20 properties per month..."

- Paul Burghardt, Investor, Las Vegas, NV

Bill alleviated my fears ..."

“I got my start in real estate investing by attending one of Bill Bronchick's events. He is an excellent teacher and alleviated my fears by giving me direct answers to all of my questions. Most other seminar instructors just tell you to "see an attorney" when it comes to legal issues. Well, no need to do that here, Bill IS the attorney!"

- Sheena B., Investor, Utah

“I always learn something new and innovative..."

“I've been going to Bill Bronchick's seminars for over 20 years, and I keep going back because I always learn something new and innovative. Bill is always ahead of the curve with this training, and I like that he covers the legal angles and helps you stay out of trouble (and out of court!)."

- Don L., Investor/Broker/Developer, Portland, OR

Here are the Details:

Crowne Plaza Hotel Denver International Airport Feb 2nd - 4th

  • Friday, February 2nd: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Saturday, February 3rd: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ("Ice Cream Social" at 5:15 PM)
  • Sunday, February 4th: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This Friday evening through Sunday noon format allows making travel arrangements easier. Fly in Friday AM and fly out Sunday afternoon (hotel is just a 15 min Uber/Taxi to Denver International Airport). Or, stay a few extra days and enjoy Colorado's top ski mountains, just 90 minutes away (bring your family and write off your trip!

Your Registration Fee Includes:

  • Three days of live training, with multiple "Q&A" sessions
  • Audio recording of the event (which will NOT be for sale after the event!)
  • Copies of the Powerpoint Slides

Register Now, With Our No Risk,
Money-Back Guarantee!

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't learn multiple, effective ways to generate cash flow in real estate investing for the 2024 market, simply ask for a refund with five days of the event, and we'll promptly refund your tuition!

Your Financial Dreams Aren't Making
You a Dime While Only in Your Head

Let me hold your hand and help you cross the finish line!

This training is limited to just 40 people and that's it! No video recording, no live streaming, and no replay - so if you want to learn this valuable information, you must attend live and you MUST register early!

Do NOT delay - register today!

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