Learn How to Create a Real Estate
CASH COW in Any City or Economy!

Learn to be able to achieve this incredible goal… even if you have little or or no cash or credit with the recording of an Online Course held on Sat. December 12th, 2020

Do You Want Consistent Cash Flow Without
the Aggravation of Dealing with Tenants?

Most investors plan on retiring by acquiring rental properties for cash flow. The problem is, until you pay off your mortgages, each property will only generate a few hundred bucks a month. And, if you have an unexpected repair, you may be in the red for several months before the cash flow comes back to normal again. In the meantime, you have to deal with tenants, toilets, and the headaches of property management (unless you have a property manager, and that eats significantly into your profits).

If you want cash flow NOW every month without the headaches of rentals, then listen carefully to a concept

that I will introduce to you.  It's called a "wrap" or "wraparound". A wrap is an owner-financing transaction that creates hundreds of dollars a month in instant cash flow - FOREVER (well, 30 years, which is ALMOST forever if you are over the age of 50!).

A wrap sale puts ALL of the responsibility for repairs, insurance, taxes, and maintenance on SOMEONE ELSE, which means it's a truly PASSIVE form of income. And, you can deal in NICE houses in NICE neighborhoods, instead of the typically low-income rental property, which is usually some cracker box built in the 1950's!

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"How to Create a Real Estate Cash Cow!"

Learn How to Generate Passive Income Every Month without Tenants!

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Download a PDF course manual and legal forms and contracts with your enrollment. Also includes an Excel spreadsheet called, "The Cash COWCulator", which analyzes cash flow on wrap deals.

Here’s what people are saying about my training...

Marie F.

Denver, CO

"These strategies have helped me generate tremendous cash flow every month so I could leave my job and do real estate full-time. I can't recommend this course highly enough!"

Carl N.

Atlanta, GA

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"Bill explains complicated concepts in a simple, and understandable format. I heard of some of these concepts before, but it didn't sink in until I heard it from the expert's mouth."

Jerry B.

Southern California

"Bill Bronchick's course has taught me the skills I need to create an early retirement plan for me and my family. If you want to multiply your net worth in a short period of time, sign up for this event NOW!"

Here's What We'll Cover in this Online Event

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Session 1: The Nuts & Bolts of Wrap Transactions

Whether you are brand new to real estate or a seasoned expert, this session involves an in-depth look at the workings of wrap transactions. Covers title, deeds, mortgages, deed of trust, land contracts (aka "contract for deed"), notes, AITDs and wraparound mortgages. You will have a complete understanding of these concepts as the building blocks to wrap transactions.


Session 2: Buying Properties on Wraps

You will learn how to buy properties on wraparound AITDs, mortgages, and land contracts, using little or no money down and without credit. Learn how to find motivated sellers willing to do these transactions and how to negotiate and put them in writing.


Session 3: Selling Properties on Wraps

You will learn how to SELL properties on wraparound AITDs, mortgages, and land contracts, getting top dollar and selling them QUICKLY and EASILY getting sizable down payments! Learn how to qualify buyers and comply with lending regulations like Dodd-Frank and the SAFE Act.


Session 4: Legal, Tax, and Compliance Issues

You will learn all of the important legal issues involved in buy and selling on wraps, including how to document the transactions from contract through closing. Learn how to minimize taxes, dealer issues, installment sales, and reporting requirements. Learn how to deal with the Dodd-Frank regulations and state SAFE Acts, as well as Truth-in-Lending, Reg Z.

About The Course Teacher,
William Bronchick

William Bronchick is an attorney, investor and best-selling real estate author with 30 year's experience. He has closed over 1,400 "wraparound" transactions as a principal, attorney, mentor, and closer.  There is NOBODY who know more about these deals than William Bronchick, BAR NONE!

This Information is Not Available Elsewhere!

Nobody else in the marketplace has the experience and ability to teach these types of transactions as William Bronchick. Few real estate professional and attorneys even understand them, much less can explain them in a simple-to-use format. Mr. Bronchick generally charges between $1,500 and $2,000 every week for a SINGLE closing. But you can get access to all of his strategies, forms, contracts, and wisdom for a FRACTION of that price when you enroll in this event!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the course run on Sat Dec 12th?

The event will run live on Sat Dec 5th from 8 AM to 4 PM Mountain Standard Time with a one-hour break for lunch and 15 min breaks in the morning and afternoon sessions.

What time will the course run on Sat Dec 12th?

The event will run live on Sat Dec 5th from 9 AM to 4 PM Mountain Standard Time with a one-hour break for lunch and 15 min breaks in the morning and afternoon sessions.

What is included in the course enrollment?

Course enrollment includes access to the live event, a recording in video and audio format, a course manual in PDF format, and forms and contracts.

Can I purchase the recording after the event?

Yes, BUT, the price will be SUBSTANTIALLY higher AFTER the event, so enroll now!

A personal note

I am excited to share with you the strategies that have made me and hundreds of my students massive monthly cash flow with little or no risk or hassle. Join me on this journey together so you can create the lifestyle of your dreams!

Your partner in success,