Bill Bronchick’s Quick Tips on Real Estate

Landlording Sucks (and What to do About it!)

by William Bronchick, ESQ While rental houses are a great line of business to get into in order to make consistent cash flow and long-term wealth, there are a few things to consider before jumping into the fray. This is particularly true if you are considering managing them yourself. There are all kinds of reasons that rentals are a good, …

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7 Tips for Picking a Title Company

By William Bronchick & Frank Pulley To be a successful real estate investor you need a great team of people surrounding you.  One of the key team members that are often overlooked, especially for the newer investor, is a good title company that understands the particular needs of the real estate A good investor title company can help you close deals, …

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Is Real Estate Investing for You? Here Are Some Considerations.

by William Bronchick, ESQ. Real estate is an intricate business that involves many different legal, financial, and interpersonal aspects. Are you ready to jump into this complicated business? Think about these essential questions before you make your first move. 1. How much money can you invest? Investing in the real estate market requires some capital. The initial outlay of cash needed upfront to acquire …

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