Seminars and Webinars
lease option

Lease/Option Strategies Workshop
Denver, Colorado
Feb 27th, 2016

Learn how to use lease/options to control, buy, sell, and create cash flow with little or no money out of pocket.  A great strategy for your self-directed IRA!

house money

Creative Real Estate Financing Boot Camp
Denver, Colorado
March 20/21, 2016

Learn how to buy real estate without banks and with little or no money down.  Includes lease/options, subject-to’s, contract for deed, wraps, and so much more!

Details coming soon…

Past Events

apartment building

Investing in Small Apartments Boot Camp
Denver, Colorado
January 30/31st, 2016

Learn how to multiply your efforts and reach your goals faster by acquiring small apartment buildings (5 – 25 units).  You don’t need a ton of cash to buy apartments, in fact, you can often get in with zero cash out of pocket using “OPM”.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection Workshop
Woodhaven Country Club – Dallas / Fort Worth
January 21, 2016

You wouldn’t walk around with a financial statement taped to your back, would you? Then why do you own Real Estate in your own name? Whether it’s your personal residence or rental properties, you are a “Sitting Duck” for disgruntled tenants, ex-employees, ex-spouses, the IRS and their attorneys. Real Estate is very public, and ownership is public record for anyone to view online.

Marriott Cancun

Landlord Retreat
Cancun, MX – Marriott CasaMagna Cancun Resort
January 13-16, 2016

How can you improve your net rental income? Go on vacation! Surround yourself with highly successful landlords and real estate investors and learn how you can implement less real estate strategies that generate the greatest profits! When you are working 80 hours or more a week, your creative mind burns out and grows stagnant. Like a pressure cooker, if you don’t give your mind time to free itself and get rejuvenated with renewed energy, it will boil over, and you end up losing more than you gain from poor, uninspired productivity.