Seminars & Webinars

featuring Attorney William Bronchick


OREIA Convention
Cincinnati, OH
November 5th – 8th

The National “New Strategies Summit” for Real Estate Investors and Landlords. Bill will be speaking on Asset Protection.

creative real estate investing

Creative Real Estate Financing Boot Camp
Greater Denver Metro, CO
November 21st

Did you know that creative financing is the most preferred and profitable way of buying and selling properties, yet few investors fully utilize this valuable tool. Why? Simple… lack of knowledge and, even worse, lack of experienced professionals that they can turn to for help. Most real estate agents and title companies don’t understand lease/options, contracts for deed, wraps, and won’t help you use these valuable tools. Few attorneys understand the process and those that do, charge a substantial fee!

I am one of the few real estate experts who understand this process, having closed over 900 creative financed transactions. I am the author of several best-selling books, including, “Flipping Properties” and “Financing Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor”.  There are few people in the country who have as much experience and technical expertise in owner financed transactions as me, and even few who are willing to share it – until now!